Hello,I simply wanted to pass this quick and an easy fix to anyone that has actually a Ridgid Shop Vac v 1-7/8" hose and accessories. ~ a main of getting an extremely upset with Ridgid because that not have actually a adaptors because that the 1-7/8" hose I chose to just have a look in the plumbing department. After around 20 minutes of looking in ~ the PVC and rubber fittings I uncovered one the worked. Best part is it expense a grand complete of .42 cents.You have the right to view the information here;http://www.bedlamcreations.com/uploa...id_shopvac.jpg

nicely done sirI to buy the pro fill 1 7/8 and also found the end (no thanks to any kind of ridgid literary works online or top top the box) that the entry is 2 1/2". Is the the design you have and also if not is the input different? ns bought the 2 1/2 come 1 1/4" adapter water tap from ridgid (like your pic) and also plug the 2 1/2 end right into the intake. I had some extra 1 1/4" hose currently so ns have an excellent movment and selection when i hook up mine dewalt sander and it functions great. I tried to uncover a installation in the pipes section at HD and also even asked the orange apron if lock had big food grade tubing that can fit ("try a restaurant it is provided store") till my girlfriend endangered to leave me at the keep overnight.Anyway, ns wish I read your fix before scouring the network over the decision for hours and also hours. Nice pics too.

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Try this link and also take your time spring around. Larger residence Depot stores have quite a selection. Take her Ridgid shop vac along and also if what you simply bought doesn"t fit, you have the right to return it right then and also there. Hint: very closely measure the inlet top top the drum and then the water tap adaptor for any type of hose(s) you space interested. I need to inspect the machines, but I bet they all have the very same size drum opening and that all of the Ridgid (and most most likely other brands) of hoses will certainly work.http://www.ridgidparts.com/accessories/I have actually done some custom adaptors myself out of PVC fittings and also pipe. If you have a good lathe and a 3 jaw chuck, you can really gain into making your own an intricate custom fittings.

I have the wall surface Mount power Pak version. I m sorry does have actually a 2-1/2" inlet. Yet that would call for purchasing a 2-1/2" hose, accessories, etc. I leave mine vac mounted on the wall surface in the garage uneven I have to take it outside or in the house. The power fill version comes v 21" the hose. So instead of replacing every one of the water tap I just made that adapter, which works good on my table saw and also miter saw. The extra 6" lengthy 1-1/4" hose offers me a full of 27" that reach for using v hand tools or the car.

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How about 2 1/2 in hose to 1 7/8 accessories?I have actually the turning back problem. Ns bought a 4x ProHose because that my WD 4550 but had come return it since there is just a solitary 1-7/8 in connector in the kit (which screws onto the hose and is an alleged to attach the water tap to the vac). That pipeline no connector to attach to my 1-7/8 in accessories. I simply sent an email asking Ridgid customer service if they market the connector separately, however has anyone else come up v a systems for this problem?(I spent fairly awhile at house Depot in the PVC pipeline section and also didn"t discover anything that"d work).