We are now scheduling business pick ups. In stimulate to request a pickup from her closest facility, you re welcome contact:

The fees you pay aid cover ours costs, safeguard your data, fulfill the highest environmental standards, and also create jobs.

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For information or price quotes speak to 855-302-2583.

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Computers and laptops, TV’s and monitors, printers, stereos, phones, microwaves, vacuums, fax machines, hair dryers, gaming devices — we take that all!

Some fees apply.

Blue Star Recyclers, born in Colorado Springs 12 years ago, has actually grown to end up being a model of exactly how a company can administer social return on investment while still paying the bills.

The an initial way is through ethically recycling electronics and computers (eWaste).The 2nd is by use autistic workers, and also others with disabilities, who generally can’t acquire gainful employed staff elsewhere.

The third is by joining pressures with companies and also organizations the are selecting social return on invest (SROI) factors when picking contractors, fairly than simply the many inexpensive bid. Download the complete article.

Since 2010, actual Leaders has been the premier resource for recognizing establishments that room making a positive social or environmental impact around the globe.

Blue Star Recyclers to be awarded the 24-Karat challenge Award because that 2020, the top environmental award native the State that Colorado. This is not just the second time we have actually earned this compensation (first time in 2013), however we room the only recycler of any kind to knife the award. The only other member to earn it double was Denver global Airport. Read the full article.

Blue Star Recyclers and Rotary ar 6440 Clubs beginning a brand-new Service called EZ electronic devices Recycling in NW Chicago

After nearly a year of cooperation work between Blue Star Recyclers and also Rotary district 6440 clubs, this day we launched a brand-new service referred to as EZ electronics Recycling, which offers at residence pick up service for residents. Now Chicago NW suburban residents can receive Blue Star"s certified electronics recycling company at your doorstep.

Seven rotating clubs donated accumulation to aid Blue Star acquisition a brand-new van to launch the service, including Glenview Sunrise, Dundee, Buffalo Grove, Barrington Breakfast, Lake Zurich, Libertyville, and also Long Grove/Kildeer/Hawthorn Woods.

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Special many thanks go to Suzanne Lyhus v the Glenview Sunrise rotary Club, who was important in coordinating Rotary’s involvement in the project. We likewise wish to thank outgoing rotating District 6440 branch Suzanne Gibson and also incoming rotating District 6440 District branch Lyle Staab, who actively supported the task within their districts and respective clubs.