The black color Hole has actually started reacting and seemingly is because of the Butterfly Event, which reasons Shockwaves. This is precisely what began appearing on the Fortnite Livestream. Yet that’s no it. Each of this shockwaves release a number. With that said, there’s nothing else to take treatment of than proceed to clock the stream until the very end and also gather as lot intel as we can, or wait till the really last scene.

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The numbers listed below have appeared at the specific sequel, so if you remember noþeles suspicious the reminds girlfriend of this sequence, you re welcome let us know in the comments below. Within the documents of Fortnite, this numbers space classified as SpookyNumbers.

Fortnite – black color Hole Numbers

11, 146, 15, 6287, 14, 106, 2, 15069, 146, 15, 362, 176, 8, 160, 65

The Number theory is probably associated to the many recordings the the Visitor. Basically, the 11th word, 146th word, 15th word, 62nd word, 87th word, 14th word, 106th word, second word, 150th indigenous are:

I was not alone. Rather were exterior the loop. This was no calculated. The Zero suggest is currently inevitable.

All that the previous theories were slightly little different, and you can uncover them below:

According come Twitch, the closest these numbers indicate to is Aquaman.

11 146 15 62 method Aquaman in Fortnite confirmed?

— Twitch (

According come multiple people, if friend google “11 146 15 62 google maps” you’ll be taken to the following image, i beg your pardon is no the instance in ours situation.

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The definition behind the numbers has actually been found.

Searching "11 146 15 62 google maps" right into Google and clicking the first link will take friend to…

Well, view for yourself. ( stole this tweet & not offering credit cus im difficult AF )