Thinkery is Austin’s residence for why and also how.

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It’s a place where science and families play next by side, wherein people attach with ideas by doing, making and experiencing. That a foundry because that a brand-new generation the innovators and an innovative problem solvers – and also it’s a heck of a good time!


Tuesday:General join – 9:00 to be – 3:00 pm

Wednesday:General admission – 9:00 to be – 3:00 pm

Thursday:General join – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Friday:General admission – 9:00 to be – 5:00 pm

Saturday:Baby Bloomers – 8:00 am – 10:00 am basic Admission – 10:00 to be – 5:00 pm

Sunday:General join – 10:00 am – 3:00 pmCommunity Night – 3:00 afternoon – 5:00 pm


Museum Accessibility

Thinkery is cursed to giving an available and interactive suffer for all. Learn about the pre-visit sources that room available, as well as details on obtainable parking nearby, wheelchair availability and more!

Museum Pricing and also Admission

General Admission

Age 0-23 months – FREE24 months and also up – $14

Thinkery Members enjoy complimentary general join year-round! Members additionally enjoy discounted join to one-of-a-kind programs, 10% turn off Thinkery Shop purchases, and also more. Learn an ext and end up being a Member today!

Baby Bloomers

Standard join (all ages) – $7

Baby Bloomers sessions are special programs scheduled for guests with tiny ones age 36 months and also younger. Every guests must have tickets for baby Bloomers. Discover more

Masks are forced at Thinkery

Thinkery requires confront masks for every staff and visitors older than 24 months.

Please review our health and safety protocols prior to your visit. If her or any member the your group is can not or do not want to watch these requirements, we ask that you reschedule her visit because that a later date when these COVID limitations are no much longer in place. Read MORE

Museums for All

Thinkery is proud to get involved in institute of Museum and Library solutions (IMLS) and also Association of children Museums’Museums for Allprogram!

Thinkery invites all family members with Texas electronic Benefits transfer (Lone Star /SNAP),WIC,STAR,CHIP, Medicaid, MAP/MAP BASIC, and tribal to know cardsto present their card(s) to receive cost-free General admission or baby Bloomers tickets. (Special programs and events excluded.)

Open Door

Maintaining affordable access for anyone is a peak priority for Thinkery. Each year, ourOpen Door Initiativeprovides subsidized admissions, camp scholarships and also field trips to thousands of children and also families with limited financial resources. Please call our appointments team at 512-469-6201 come reserve open up Door ticket in advance.

ASTC and also ACM mutual programs

Thinkery accepts reciprocal benefits for ACM and also ASTC member institutions when tickets are purchased onsite. Ticket availability is limited, you re welcome arrive early to reserve her tickets. Proof of membership and also a picture ID is required when purchasing tickets at Thinkery. Members that ACM organizations can receive up to 6 basic admission tickets at 50% off. Members in ~ ASTC organizations deserve to up come 4 complimentary general join tickets.

Military and an initial Responders

$2 turn off per household member, approximately fivefamily members. First Responders encompass police officers, firefighters, and EMT workers. Thinkery’s armed forces and first responder discounts are easily accessible online Proof of id required.

Due come COVID-19, basic Admission sessions are currently restricted capacity. If you room interested in to plan a visit through a team of 10 or more, please contact our bookings team to do arrangements.

For safety purposes, us ask that travellers adhere to a minimum adult: child ratio of 1:5.

Do+Make Newsletter

Register for our free monthly email newsletter, v the recent news on Thinkery programs, special events, and more. Authorize up

Our Mission

Thinkery is more than a museum; we’re a 501(c)(3) organization specialized to inspiring the next generation of an innovative problem solvers. Find out more

Thinkery Gift Certificates

Looking because that a the perfect gift for a kiddo or household in the Austin area? with a Thinkery Gift Certificate, they can purchase tickets, a Thinkery Membership, or use it toward Thinkery Camp and also other programs. Discover more

Thinkery visitor Guidelines

Thinkery invites guests to connect in positive experiences the spark imagination and stimulate curiosity. To support hopeful visits, the Museum expects the adhering to from every guests:

Play together! playing is learning and children learn finest alongside caring, responsive adults. Maximize your experience by observing, facilitating and also collaborating v your child. Pro tip: take a rest from the cell phone and also play! Be a duty model for children. discovering is a joyful, fun and also lifelong endeavor. Be curious and also show your kids how it’s done! Remember that you are setting an example for your children and also others through your actions and words in the Museum. Respect others. We room a community an are where world connect, conversations spark, and also ideas grow. As you explore and also play, be courteous to those roughly you. Please execute not touch or verbally reprimand any kind of child not in her group. If you require assistance, you re welcome ask a staff member. Assume good intentions. Please understand that children play through interactive exhibits is frequently joyful and also exuberant. This might mean that another child’s play may unintentionally interfere with your child’s play. Touching, colliding and reaching because that the same object may innocently occur between children. Use hopeful language and also actions. design problem-solving skills, an essential thinking, curiosity, and also empathy. Profanity, harassment, threaten language and also physical interactions, abuse of any kind of kind or various other inappropriate public habits are strictly prohibited.

Are masks forced at Thinkery?

Yes. Every CDC guidelines, Thinkery at this time requires all staff and visitors ages 2+ come wear a mask the covers your nose and mouth when in the Museum. Face shields and scarves space not permitted. challenge masks may be removed as soon as drinking water yet must be changed immediately.

What if a child or someone in my group cannot/will not wear a mask?

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to our mask policy. If you or any type of member the your group are not able to wear a mask for any reason, us invite you come reschedule her visit for a future day when these needs are no much longer in place.

Click here for comprehensive information on our health, safety, and also sanitation protocols, along with tips for keeping children (and adults) healthy and balanced while at Thinkery.

How lengthy does it take to go through the museum?

Most visitors spend between 1.5-2 hours trying out the museum. You room welcome to check out the museum in ~ your own pace, but it’s a great idea to arrangement for at least 90 minute for her visit.

Where can we store our stroller and belongings while us play?

We encourage guest to leave your strollers in your car if possible. Over there is one unattended stroller parking external of the museum.Lockers are easily accessible for rent right now for $1.

Can i drop off my kid at the museum?

Aguardian should accompany a boy throughout the museum. Guardians have to be 18years of period or older. Parents/Caregivers space responsible because that supervising theirchildren at every times. You are your child’s ideal advocate for staying safe.

Do you have actually a Lost and also Found?

For the time being, only valuables (wallet, keys, phone, etc.) will be organized for claim. All various other items will be disposed of if not asserted within 24 hours

May I lug my pet come Thinkery?

Thinkerywelcomes company animals—other animals or pets space not enabled except together partof museum programs.

The Americans through Disabilities act (ADA) specifies a service animal as a dog the is personally trained come do occupational or perform tasks for a person with a disability.Dogs or therapy animals whose duty is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify together service animals according come ADA, even with a doctor’s note.What is your adult to boy ratio?

We call for a 1:5 adult-to-children ratio on our exhibition floor. Kids must be oversaw al all times. No security can take the place of adult supervision.

If a child (or adult) in my group is sick, can we tho visit the museum?

For the health and also safety that all our guests, we ask that any child or adult with an elevated temperature or disease that might be contagious (such as pink eye, a cold, or the flu) no visit Thinkery until they are fully recovered.

A great rule the thumb: if you’re also sick to walk to school (or work), you should plan to visit Thinkery another time.

Is food available? have the right to we carry food?

Food is not enabled inside the Museum except for water and also formula.

Do I have to wear shoes?

Yes. Shoes have to be worn at all times.

Can I bring balloons?

Balloonsare allowed inside the building.

Is smoking cigarettes allowed?

The Museum is a non-smoking facility, consisting of e-cigarettes, and also chewing tobacco.

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What if I have a meeting at Thinkery?

Businessvisitors must check in through a Guest services staff member in ~ Admissions.

What are your cleaning procedures? just how do you protect against the spread out of germs?

We are committed to maintaining the museum clean and safe because that guests.

A professional cleaning team is on-site throughout Thinkery operating hrs to sanitize and also clean the restrooms and also common areas.Deep clean takes place when the museum is closed. Themuseumiscleaned anddisinfected with a special electrostatic cleaning performed when a week. The air in the building is constantly circulated with fresh air to preserve clean, healthy air.Hand sanitizer station are located on each floor, throughout galleries, and near all restrooms.Signs are shown throughout the Museum come remind travellers to to wash their hands.Visitors room welcome to notify Thinkery staff if an area or object needs attention

You can find much more detailed information and tips because that keeping kids (and adults) healthy at Thinkery here.

Are weapons or firearms enabled at Thinkery?

Thinkery is cursed to preserving a safe and also secure environment for ours visitors. Together posted at Thinkery’s entrance—and in accordance with the legislations of the State that Texas—for the security of ours children, no tools (including hidden or open up carry) room allowed. With the exemption of legislation enforcement, anyone own a weapon will certainly be request to remove it native our basic immediately. Pursuant to ar 30.06, Penal code (trespass by patent holder with a hidden handgun), a human licensed under Subchapter H, chapter 411, government Code (handgun licensing law), might not enter this property with a covert handgun. Pursuant to ar 30.07, Penal password (trespass by patent holder with an openly brought handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, chapter 411, federal government Code (handgun license law), might not get in this property with one openly brought handgun.