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Prologis Park 70 - structure 11

room Available 382,200 SF Min. Divisible 100,000 SF
Space type Distribution Warehouse Clear Ceiling elevation 36 ft.
No. Dock-High Doors/Loading 92 No. Drive In / Grade-Level Doors 4

New planned structure Prologis Park 70! Premier 5.7 million SF grasp planned bulk distribution park. Available space from 250,000 - 700,000SF+. Prologis Park 70 is home for GM business Parts circulation Center, Furniture Row, O" Reilly Auto Parts, united state Foods, Niagara Bottling, Interline Brands and Master Craft.

Located in ~ the intersection the I-70 and also E-470 with wonderful visibility.


Excellent access to I-70, I-225 and also E-470 Speculative development for lease 210 auto stalls; 70 trailer stalls


repertoire Street overcome Street web traffic Volume Year distance
Smith Rd Picadilly Rd 2,296 2016 0.24 mi
Smith Rd Picadilly Rd 1,159 2018 0.24 mi
Picadilly Road Smith Rd 3,799 2020 0.44 mi
I- 70 I- 70 Bus 32,111 2015 0.52 mi
I- 70 State Hwy 470 39,040 2020 0.52 mi
Picadilly Rd E 26th Ave 2,474 2014 0.53 mi
Picadilly Rd E 26th Ave 1,410 2018 0.53 mi
I- 70 State Hwy 470 44,910 2020 0.53 mi
Frontage Rd Picadilly Rd 5,815 2014 0.55 mi
Frontage Rd Picadilly Rd 6,040 2017 0.56 mi


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