I take it apart mine 2ds to repaint it and also this is the an initial time I’ve excellent anything choose this so I’m not that competent ;-;

I simply recently placed it ago together and it functioned fine, but I placed the volume rocker top top wrong and also had to take it it apart again to resolve that. When I gained everything ago together, it will not rotate on.

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The blue led light come on however the screen stays black color for 5 seconds, the speaker makes a popping noise climate the mechanism shuts off. I have searched up plenty of times why it would certainly be act that and I’ve make the efforts reseating every single ribbon cable and also I can’t fix it.

I feel bad because it’s my fault the I damaged it :( Nintendo probably won’t resolve it due to the fact that I messed about with the hardware for this reason it’s my problem. Deserve to someone you re welcome help?


Had this very same problem, yet on a NN3DSXL. The is brought about by accidentally placing in the battery backwards while taken apart. Most likely the charging IC and also several fuzes are blown. If there is any type of data that you wish to store on the 2DS, friend will must replace the main board and also sister plank fuzes, and the charging IC. Sorry to be the bearer of poor news :(

I had this difficulty once on a 3ds. It to be the wifi antenna not fitted correctly. It's prefer a button kind fitting v a cable coming from it and also running round the console. It essential a clean and firmly reseating.

Something isn't connected properly or is damaged. Go the screen flash in ~ all? If one display screen flashes but another doesn't, the screen ribbon cables were damaged. If over there is no flashing, the camera's ribbon cable is damaged. The ribbon cables in a 2DS/3DS are super fragile and while they deserve to look fine, under a microscopic lense they can be torn or damaged.

At the point, you must replace them. Happily the components are reasonably cheap.

Do I need to have the rear camera ribbon cables connected in order because that it to work? ns didn’t connect it due to the fact that I execute not use the ds camera. Also, the screen does not flash at all.

I had actually this concern with one O3DS. Transforms out the ribbon cable the camera to be on was shorting. I changed is with components from a damaged one and it was good.

Same concern on a O3DSXL it to be the speak ribbon cable. Changed with parts from a broken one and also it fired appropriate up.

I nothing think you’ve completely destroyed it yet I bet you’ve got something backwards or a ribbon cable is broken. Usage the iFix it overview go step by step and also take her time. Walk so far regarding lay each part out and be meticulous. You may discover something off and then be great to go.


Here is her tear down guide.

Remember to go slow! the either broken or not, rushing with it might lead to missing a small detail.

My phone periodically pops speakers as soon as I overload it through too numerous opened apps. It has... Part problems. Never ever tried to deal with it, because its working.

Did you power the 2DS under the second time you gotten rid of the battery to solve the volume?

You could shot disconnecting and also reconnecting her ribbon cables because that the camera and speakers. It the doesn’t occupational it’s most likely a tear in speak cables probably camera cables.

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Shooting in the dark here, but check sleep button. If sleep button is malfunctioning the machine won’t revolve on in ~ all. (But that’s various that transforming on make a popping sound and transforming off)

Contact Nintendo support and also be increase front about what you were doing. They could still help. You won’t recognize for certain if you never ask.

I can not remember just how I walk it. Ns made sure the sleep button is working properly. If it no the blue led light would not come on. I feel favor it is the ribbon cables due to the fact that I got mad at it and may have ripped one