<4:0> in comment or in your Facebook status update, name of Mark Zuckerberg will certainly appear. Many kind of people feel that this is some type of magic. Then tbelow are folks who take gullible Facebook customers for a ride. They tell Facebook users that if you type
<4:0> and Mark Zuckerberg‘s name appears — that suggests your Facebook account is safe, otherwise it has been hacked by someone. And innocent human being start to worry!

We have actually been publishing truths of various Facebook lies, scams, difficulties and also viroffers. So, we investigated this
<4:0> issue as well. We discovered that it is true if you form these letters in Facebook and press enter, name of the Facebook co-founder appears. But it has no connection whatsoever via the security of your FB account. Also tright here is no ‘magic’ behind it. In this write-up we will tell you why Mark’s name appears once
<4:0> in FB?

As you recognize, Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004 while researching at Harvard. Facebook has actually a facility of tagging various other users in a post or comment. In order to tag someone we have to kind that person’s Facebook user name presolved through the
Lalit Kumar).

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<4:0> in FB?" width="700" height="368" srcset="https://sommos.net/4-0-facebook/imager_1_8485_700.jpg 700w, https://sommos.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/4-0-mark-zuckerberg-sommos.net-300x158.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px" />

But internally, Facebook actually tags a perchild by his/her Facebook account number. Mark Zuckerberg was the fourth perboy to create an account on Facebook. So, his account number is 4 and therefore once you
<4:0> , Mark Zuckerberg’s name gets tagged.

wow! that was a cool point to know around Mark! But did you also know why Facebook is blue?

In reality, instead of 4 if you will certainly form account variety of anyone else, that person’s or page’s FB name will show up in comment or write-up. For instance,

Note: sommos.net has actually a tool to discover Facebook ID of any profile or web page.

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Now, you might be wondering which were the first three accounts on Facebook?! Well, the first 3 accounts were most likely test accounts and also were deleted. So, successfully Mark’s account is currently the initially account made on Facebook although its number is 4. The fifth account belongs to Mark’s Harvard room-mate Chris Hughes and also 6th account belongs to one more room-mate Dustin Moskovitz.

Why doesn’t the Name Appear in Eincredibly Case?

We guess Facebook is progressively rerelocating this bug from their device. Those individuals whose account has been updated via new code, they will not view Mark Zuckerberg’s name when they form