June 20 doesn’t signify the start of summer for Colorado residents. Instead, Colorado summer starts when Red Rocks’ season starts. This year’s concert line-up opened with a bang together Cervantes Masterpiece and Mighty Tree sponsored the return the 420 eve On The Rocks with an approach Man and also Redman. That was certainly the ar to be to kick off 420 weekend and also the line-up to be stacked with talented artists that all re-publishing one thing in typical — the love of marijuana. Openers for the night consisted of ProbCause, RDGLDGRN, Afroman, Futuristic, $uicideboy$ ($B) and Flatbush zombies (FBZ). After three straight years of returning to the rocks, Flatbush Zombies have actually grown enough to co-headline top top this phase of stoner rap legends. While a little surprising, they far from disappointed and killed the stage for an epic hour-long set.

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ProbCause kicked the present off early on at 4:15 p.m. And also the smokers in the crowd were already beginning to irradiate up. Because of the reality that Curren$y was set to perform in new Orleans later that night, take trip restrictions minimal his set and that was relocated up come an previously slot in the line-up. Part fans were clearly upset by this yet it never damages to gain there early and also support the openers of the night, especially with a killer line-up favor this one.



By the time $uicide boys hit the stage, the sun was going down and the crowd was completely alive and also enjoying the night. I had never seen a $uicideboy$ concert till now and I have to say, i was extensively impressed. The power given turn off by the up-and-coming hip-hop duo to be intense and also the visual assist of Nightmare top top Elm Street playing on the backdrop was an epos addition. It was clear the majority of the crowd was pumped once $uicideboy$ finally stormed the stage and also began to perform. The young artists managed to steal the crowd’s fist from legendary headliners as result of their high energy performance. The being said, $B acquired a new fan in me the night, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was converted due to the fact that of their transmittable energy. In every one of my that my time at Red Rocks, ns don’t think ns have ever before seen the crowd as live as they were throughout the $uicideboy’s collection on 420 Eve.


Flatbush Zombies

As chants that encore finally died down and FBZ was officially done through their set, an approach Man and also Redman were collection to end the night through a bang. In comparable fashion to critical year’s show, early in the collection Meth and Red made decision a handicap area/photography pit was not needed and advised pan to rush the front of the meet to get closer come the artists. “We don’t like all that an are in between us and also the fans, we want to feel her energy,” said technique Man. The setlist complied with a comparable trajectory as last years. Meth and Red ran through a timeline presentation of few of their best songs over the years. Highlights had “How High,” “Method Man” and also “Da Rockwilder.”

Meth and Red are great examples that the longevity in hip-hop and also they have managed successful careers for an ext than two decades in the industry. They placed on an exceptional live show and kept some great energy and stage presence. The die-hard fans certainly stayed v to the end, however, there was a secure stream of human being leaving the venue throughout the whole headlining act. Whether that was due exhaustion from the every day event, or truly being disinterested in Redman and method Man, is hard to say. While the headliners provided the fans your money’s worth, i couldn’t help but feel the climax of the present had currently passed. It’s constantly a pleasure seeing legends like an approach Man and Redman, but in one ever-changing landscape of hip-hop sounds, maintaining in touch through the youth have the right to be a little of a an obstacle — something acts like $uicideboy$ and also Flatbush Zombies have actually no problem catering to. With another year in the books, we’re looking front to seeing that returns to 420 eve on the Rocks in 2018.

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All photography by Kiddest Metaferia. Inspect out the complete gallery here. 


Method Man

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