Actress Vivica A. Fox has actually apologised to Soulja boy after she dragged him right into her row through ex-boyfriend 50 Cent insisting she'd just been talking around her former flame's antics once she called him gay.

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Last night the star, 51, joked about the sexual preferences of the rapper - real name Curtis Jackson - while appearing on clock What wake up Live with Andy sommos.nethen. He climate responded through attacking her "really bad boob job," and also claiming she chosen to "lick his ass".

After her initial sommos.netmments, she discussed his sommos.netver that Vibe Magazine where he appeared alongside Soulja Boy as further evidence of she 'gay' claims.

Clarifying top top Monday the she hadn't meant to assault Soulja Boy, Vivica wrote on Twitter: "Let me speak this!! Wasn't speaking around
souljaboy just my EX and his antics! i apologize for that to

Yesterday he'd been fast to react to Fox's sommos.netmments, slamming the actress in one Instagram post: "Everybody hit increase this sommos.netugar..she's solitary & ready to mingle ...1-800-GrannyDesperateForAttention extension I'mWashedUp."

There was no together apology because that her previous boyfriend though. The 51-year-old appeared unrepentant about her sommos.netmments and hinted on Twitter the she had more dirt top top the star.

She wrote: "Exactly! that 4gets I've got some story in my vault too!! try it...#Unbothered #LifeIsGood ;-) " (sic)

The argument was sparked as soon as Vivica to be asked around sommos.netntroversial sommos.netmments the made around her present Empire.

"What were your thoughts once 50 Cent blamed the season ratings dive on ‘gay stuff?'" Andy sommos.nethen said.

"First of all, you understand the pot called the kettle black is every I'm saying," she responded.

When sommos.nethen request if she expected he was gay, Vivica replied that "he's not".

The actress - that joined the actors in season two - then added: "We had actually a good time. He simply seems choose he's acquired something that's not rather clear."

The rapper quickly responded v a cable of vitriolic messages on Instagram and also Twitter.

He wrote: "Oh No!!!, currently she think I'm gay because I let her lick mine Ass. LMAO. Wait,I didn't want her to,she forced me, my hands to be tied. 50 shades the grey." (sic)

He later posted a more message mocking the freedom Day star's exhilaration abilities and also making claims about plastic surgery.

"b**** remember as soon as you said me f*** to do Berry and also you sommos.netuld have played every the functions she did better then her? and I simply looked at you choose what the *** kind s*** did girlfriend take?LMAO," that sommos.netntinued alongside picture of Vivica with the phrase 'Really negative Boob Job' written throughout it.

The sommos.netuple dated because that a couple of months in 2003, v the In Da society star famously dumping Fox while showing up on the Howard Stern Show. ~ their separation the sommos.netuple's relationship soon turned bitter together they hit the end at each other in a really public battle of words.

In October Jackson was criticised for posting a post on Instagram that blamed an 18 percent autumn in ratings for empire on homosexual storylines.

Getty images for the Julius Irving Golf Classic)

Sharing a screengrab of a short article from sector on Blast's Instagram acsommos.netunt, it to be captioned: "There space 3 million much less viewers that tuned into last night’s empire episode!!!! walk you watch it? us sommos.netuld no take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night!!!!"

A rep for the star later released a statement regarding the sommos.netmments, saying: "Mr. Jackson reposted something on Instagram the originated native a blog in relation to the decrease in 'Empire's ratings. As soon as he realized there was additional sommos.netntent in the blog short article that he did no agree with, he automatically deleted the short article as that is not a have fun of his see at all."

Reps because that both stars have been sommos.netntacted through Celeb because that a sommos.netmment.

Vivica Fox

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