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Ioniq EV


Ioniq Hybrid

Our service department is staffed through the most qualified technicians ready to prize your concerns and resolve your business needs. Use our online form to schedule an meeting or contact our organization department if you have any additional questions.

Welcome come Midstate Hyundai

Welcome come Midstate Hyundai that Vermont, where we pride ourselves on putting the fun ago into the car buying process. We are sure girlfriend can discover that perfect car for your lifestyle, whether you need a brand-new Hyundai car, crossover, or SUV to fit your unique priorities and budget. Perform you have any kind of questions for our team? Don"t hesitate to provide us a call at (888) 928-1214 or use our online call form.

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New Hyundai Inventory

If you really want to drive the roadways of the Barre, Montpelier, White river Junction or Burlington area in style, be sure to inspect out ours inventory of brand-new vehicles accessible at our Hyundai dealership. Indigenous handsome Hyundai cars choose the Veloster to valuable Hyundai SUVs prefer the Santa Fe, we have a wide selection of brand-new models come suit nearly every need and also driving preference.

Certified Pre-Owned & supplied Inventory

Are you trying to find a vermont used vehicle dealership you deserve to trust? Midstate Hyundai has actually one of the most diverse selections of offered cars and also used trucks for sale in Vermont. Haven"t discovered the right auto in our vast an option of high quality certified pre-owned and also used models? click on our CarFinder and complete the form. We will gladly inform you once a matching vehicle arrives.

Schedule a Hyundai company or repair Appointment

Whether you require routine maintenance or a actual OEM part, the company center at Midstate Hyundai has you covered. From oil transforms to infection service, our factory certified technicians will keep your Hyundai car, crossover, or SUV running in perfect condition for years to come. If you like doing her own work or desire to buy Hyundai accessories, take a look in ~ our parts order form.

Hyundai automobile Specials

If you"re searching for the finest deal possible on a brand-new car, crossover, or SUV, the car specials obtainable at Midstate Hyundai room perfect because that you. This special uses go quickly, so be certain to inspect in regularly to watch the latest and also greatest transaction we have to offer.

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Serving Hyundai motorists near Burlington, Montpelier, St. Johnsbury, White river Junction, Bennington, Lebanon and Littleton, NH

Midstate Hyundai"s new and used vehicle dealership is conveniently located between Barre and also Montpelier, and also serves client from Burlington, White River, Rutland, Saint Johnsbury and also just around anywhere in the tri-state an ar of brand-new York, vermont and new Hampshire. In fact, our supplied cars and also trucks because that sale have drawn customers from as far away together California and Florida. Take it a look at the map top top our web sales page to see simply how far customers have actually gone to acquire a automobile from Midstate Hyundai.