Could someone to fill me what has happen due to the fact that the present had Wessel, Josh and Nick. I joined the navy so I lost touch with 93x however I still have my hat that i bought native the State fair. And now I'm glad they space on podcast ~ above Spotify. I joined the present last year with Ross. Where I live I obtain to reap Ryan castle on the local display in Seattle. The show is tho enjoyable. Not a fan of Ash as well much and Wappel is ok. The brand-new guy Dana is ok.

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Wow, the was a hell that a lengthy time ago! Cumulus had actually a layoff rift and also Weasel lost his job. They had been happen the overnight DJ name Ali on the show for a couple of weeks prior, she took his place. The was around that time as soon as Wappel began interning in the show, however don't quote me ~ above that.

Weasel obtaining let go was a genuine breath of new air, as he always tried to control Nick and also Josh and also reign in the toilet humor. He and Nick had a couple of notable blow ups on air, and a few months later he got the axe.

So the roster was then Nick, Josh, Ali, v producer Ross, Randy Shaver, and also intern Wappel. Because that me, this is as soon as the show was in ~ its very best. Ali to be a little of a hipster and also oddly prude about stuff, and also Nick and Josh carried out part all-time show content native that an extremely relationship. Of course, Nick would obtain pretty excited with few of her hipster nonsense, occasionally some light political stuff, and it mostly made because that laughs. I believe she was with the display for the following 4-5 years. Towards the finish she gained increasingly sensitive to being teased and also what friend could call bullied, although it seemed prefer she knew it was in fun.

One work they announced that Ali was putting in her 2 weeks and also moving the end west to California v a very vague non-answer as to what she would certainly be doing. I think probably a month or two and also she was unexpectedly working for Cumulus again, on a morning show in Chicago.

They then obtained to job-related on replacing she with another female. Ashley to be an intern that seemingly proved up on air v a microphone from the end of nowhere, and also one of Josh's an individual friends, Trista, joined the show. Ns personally enjoyed this roster, although a lot of people weren't as well high ~ above Trista. She was an extremely outgoing, no prude at all, but did have some of the hippy nonsense that would acquire Nick fired up. Her and Ashley had a few good moments on air, and it was greatly laughs.

About 2 weeks before the pandemic started resulting in shutdowns, Ross announced his retirement as a well-off 38 year old. I think this to be the best blow to the show because I've to be listening. His antics, weirdness, sensitivity to obtaining picked on, everything about him was one of a kind. That went native accidentally pissing Nick off, to finally understanding exactly how to troll that a little bit towards the end and it was very entertaining.

Trista and Ashley to be both sent off-site to transfer from home and also it open minded sucked. All sorts the technical obstacles microphone delays, you surname it. After ~ a week or two, Trista to be no longer broadcasting at all. She was just doing the producer work like cutting promos and also commercials, etc. After ~ a few months, they readily available her a contract yet I gambling it to be crap, and also she turned the down. Ashley became much more and an ext quiet, probably as a an outcome of the shitty setup she's required to use at home.

Just maybe a week or two ago, a local radio male named Dana Wessel came into the display to change Trista, and also he is in studio. Seems ok for this reason far, definitely too at an early stage to judge because that me.

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I know I left a many stuff out, yet those space the Clifs notes off the height of mine head.