Frustrated with her thankless office job, Retsuko the Red Panda copes v her daily struggles by belting out fatality metal karaoke ~ work.

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As Retsuko enters her 5th year at a prestigious commerce firm, she struggles to motivate herself every day together the everyday stress from work takes a toll.

Tired of she wholesome good-girl persona in ~ work, Retsuko is drawn to the free-spirited way of life of her previous high school classmate, Puko.

Retsuko loser the will certainly to handle the everyday grind ~ Puko asks she to join a brand-new business venture. A fed increase Retsuko talks back to her supervisor.

When plan to leave her thankless job loss through, Retsuko continues to work in wishes of part day marrying and becoming a full-time housewife.

The solitary life Retsuko leader is around to adjust when manager Gori and also Washimi take her to a karaoke bar ~ yoga class.

Washimi acknowledges Retsuko's initiatives to make things appropriate with manager Ton, making use of her position as assistant to the president together leverage to help.

After the president warns Director Ton top top his abrasive behavior, his person that is abnormal polite demeanor puzzles and also frightens his direct reports.

Persuaded by her colleagues director Gori and also Washimi, a wake up Retsuko agrees to sign up with a company singles mixer organized by Tsunoda.

Supervisor Tsubone sends Retsuko on an errand come the sales department where she drops for a other colleague, Resasuke, whom she met the night before.

A happy yet frustrated Retsuko increasingly makes mistakes in ~ work. Meanwhile, a liven quarterly reporting duration looms ahead because that the accountancy team.

From her mommy meddling in her personal affairs come a nightmarish brand-new coworker, Retsuko's still obtained a lot to rage around in her karaoke sessions.

Retsuko becomes significantly frustrated with her mother's overbearing ways. Director Ton demands the team be challenging on your incoming brand-new hire.

Without Retsuko's approval, her mom sets up an arranged marital relationship meeting. At first glance, new hire Anai seems choose a nice and eager employee.

Director Ton berates Retsuko because that Anai's absence of progression on the job. Meanwhile, Anai proceeds to react an extremely badly to any feedback native Retsuko.

Retsuko and Anai have to host a food stall for the company’s family Appreciation work event, yet Retsuko does every the occupational herself to avoid conflict.

Everybody no Retsuko’s badly-prepared yakisoba. Anai no lift a finger come help, till Kabae offers him part words of encouragement.

Hearing the Shirota has actually officially relocated on, Retsuko lets herself it is in talked into attending a matchmaking occasion -- whereby she runs right into Director Gori.

Now v a driver's license, Retsuko take away Gori and also Washimi ~ above a road trip, however things walk south as soon as the 2 ladies acquire into a cook argument.

The unassuming Tadano transforms out to it is in a increasing tech mogul. He supplies to take it Retsuko the end for ramen, however it's nothing choose she imagined.

Retsuko starts to dream that a happy future v Tadano. She join him top top a business-related golf outing, and also is horrified once Director Ton mirrors up.

The civilization learns all about Retsuko’s high profile relationship and Tadano declares that he wants to be with her forever -- without gaining married.

Retsuko’s fury rises one more octave as soon as she finds herself moonlighting with an underground idol team to pay off she debts.

With her romance over, Retsuko fills the void v a virtual boyfriend. Her savings take a massive hit once she security recklessly top top in-game purchases.

Retsuko inadvertently backs into a parked car, damaging the other vehicle. Desperate because that repair money, she reaches out to Gori for a loan.

To repay she debt, Retsuko starts functioning as the accountancy manager for an underground idol group. In reality, she's at your beck and call.

The OTMGirls turn a benefit for the an initial time many thanks to Retsuko’s company acumen. Haida hits it off v Inui after ~ an unanticipated encounter.

After seeing Retsuko sing, Hyodo proposes the Retsuko end up being the command vocalist, demoting Manaka in the process.

The group’s popularity soars after a blogger's favorable review. Pertained to by Retsuko's current odd behavior, Haida secretly tails she to Hokkaido.

The OTMGirls get an sell to perform at a absent festival. Hyodo rebrands the idols as a band, and also the members should now learn to play instruments.

Manaka’s devotion to instrumental mastery inspires others to action up. Haida agrees to teach Retsuko guitar, but he invites Inui over on the exact same day.

Inui opens up up to Haida about her feelings, however he's unable to respond. Manager Ton lectures Retsuko once he learn she has actually a next gig.

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She's shaken, yet Retsuko acts typical in former of her bandmates after a deranged pan accosts her. Haida battles to choose in between Retsuko and also Inui.

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