Final Fantasy XV Crown City location

Final Fantasy XV A ar to speak to Home is the sixth side-quest in Vyv’s quest-line and it is an ext accessible 보다 all previous quests you have actually received native the reporter at Lestallum’s lookout.

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A location to contact Home must be began after you complete Burden the Expectation and Vyv’s volcanic Inspiration.

It is a very short pursuit that will send friend to among the areas you have visited in the beginning of the video game arisen by Square Enix for PS4 and also Xbox One.

Since for this quest there space no extr requirements, make sure you talk to Vyv the moment you complete Vyv’s volcanic Inspiration.

For this FFXV side-quest, Vyv will ask Noctis to take it a picture of the Crown City, additionally known together Insomnia.

Objective: Head for the Hill Overlooking Insomnia

After you begin the search you will need to travel back to the eastern Leide. Head back to her car and fast-travel to the Crown City Checkpoint Parking Spot.

The area you need to reach is the one you have visited while playing Ill Tidings, so the imperial soldiers you encounter at this point should no be a difficulty for Noctis and also his friends.

Simply monitor the same path you take it while play the said story quest, and when you with the marker on her minimap your objective will certainly change.

Objective: picture the Crown City

Approach the mite at the edge of the hill and take a photo of Insomnia. It must look favor the one above.

Be recommend though that Prompto can take the photo only if the sunlight is up. As a side reward because that this search you will certainly unlock the Monochromatic Time Filter.

Objective: Report back to Vyv

Once you have actually the picture for Vyv, fast travel back to Regalia, and then come Lestallum.

Show the photograph to Vyv, and also he will certainly reward you with 17,500 Gil.

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Additionally, you will certainly unlock The Pen is Mightier 보다 the Sword side-quest which need to be perfect immediately.

A place to contact Home search Info

Description: “Many Crown City citizens have been compelled to flee your homes, and an ext than a few of castle yearn to view the land now barred come them. Vyv asks Noctis come head for the hill overlooking Insomnia and also take a picture of the Lucian capital.”