This is a guide to the next Quest, A Shady Customer, in Legend the Zelda: Breath that the Wild. Right here you can discover the search walkthrough, wherein to begin A Shady Customer and all pursuit rewards.

How to begin A Shady Customer


A Shady customer Location

search Giver location
East Akkala Stable

Start the search by speaking with Hoz, a security patrolling at east Akkala Stable.

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A Shady customer Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk come Hoz
Take a photo of Kilton
Show the picture to Hoz
Talk come Hoz
Talk to Hoz at eastern Akkala Stable and also he will certainly ask girlfriend to take a snapshot of a suspicious character called Kilton.

Take a photo of Kilton

2 3

Find Kilton
Northwest of the steady is the Skull Lake. Go there in ~ night and you can discover Kilton on the "left eye".

Take a picture of Kilton
Use your Camera Rune to take a picture of Kilton. Be sure to have the red exclamation point before acquisition a shot for the photo to count.

Note: If you currently talked come Kilton prior to this next quest, friend can uncover him in these areas at night:

Tarrey town

Show the photo to Hoz

Talk come Hoz Return to the stable and also show the snapshot to Hoz, that will then reward you with a Silver Rupee.

A Shady Customer quest Rewards


You will receive a Silver Rupee indigenous Hoz as a reward for showing him a snapshot of Kilton.

Adventure log in Entries

This is a complete list the the Adventure log entries because that A Shady Customer.

entry Entry message
Quest Start A mercenary named Hoz at eastern Akkala secure asked you to inspection a suspicious character. Whoever that is supposedly runs a service that that calls Fangs and Bone. If you discover someone fitting that description, get photo of that to display Hoz.
Quest Clear You verified Hoz a picture of Kilton.Hoz appears to have actually a better understanding the Kilton"s strange countenance.

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A Shady customer Walkthrough | Kilton Locations

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