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A A Abbes Hair Braiding & Spls

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I"ve to be a customer because that Aabies over 2 years now and also I will proceed to go there because they do an amazing task on mine hair wether I obtain Micros or Sew-ins lock do an excellent job I"ve been satisfied because that 2 whole yets and also I will continue to take it myself and also my household here , castle have good prices and variety of hairs and also their braiders space really polite an respectful . Many thanks Aabie for the 2 year of good customer solutions (:

Aabies is the only location I acquire my hair done and the only location I ever before will obtain it done. I"m always satisfied with the results. I recommend Aabies all the time. There space so plenty of pleased customers yet they never ever write reviews only the nasty ones who just want to carry the service down!!! Aabies is the means to go!

Aabies has always been there whenever I necessary to obtain my hair done quickly. Ns recently gained singalese twist and all my friends compliment me. Absolutely will be comes back

I have been going to Aabies because that years and recently went to get micros done for a wedding and I love my braids!

I checked out Aabies to acquire micros done for a wedding and I couldn"t be more pleased! The prices were reasonable and the women were professional. Will certainly recommend Aabies to a friend!

I recently got a really nice sew in and also it only price me $70! Other areas charged me nearly 300! I conserved so much and it lasted me for much more than 3 weeks! The best component is that they have a huge choice of hair and so many good brajds and styles to select from. Mine sew in looked therefore natural and also people thought it to be my genuine hair! Aabies walk the best sew ins, I always come ago since ns love to readjust my style every month.

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I walk to get my hair done around 2weeks earlier i acquired Box Braids i love exactly how they did my hair i acquired a 2 tone shade they were an extremely professional they took there time ~ above making sure i got it done an excellent i acquired an remarkable deal for $120 consisting of the hair and also a very great sizes the beens 2weeks and also 2 days and also my hair quiet looks favor i acquired it done yesterday.

I went to acquire my hair done for my date of birth they had actually sent me a birthday coupon. Once i got in the shop they offered me an remarkable deal top top the micro dimension i wanted just $100 consisting of the hair on peak of the they gave me $10 turn off for mine birthday.

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I checked out Aabies a tiny over a month back because i was hearing it advertised ~ above the radio as soon as I would drive to the Charlotte area. Im not from these parts yet I to be wanting to acquire my hair braided badly and I thought I would give this location a try. Ns went home to look them up on the internet and see if they were running any type of specials. I discovered a coupon ~ above the website the advertised a $20 dollar gas map if you are from the end of town and also all you have to do is display them your coupon and also ID. Once I arrived there I provided the lady my coupon and also she claimed ok and asked me what kind of hair style I wanted and also what sort of hair. After i made my selection she collection me down in a chair. One more woman came to help braid my hair and also was do the efforts to talk me into acquiring the hairstyle that price $200 dollars and also that wasn"t including the hair. V the hair the would have been almost $300 hundreds dollars and told her no think you I want to stick v my choice that I"ve made. That was a mistake, because I didn"t get the other braids she wanted me to, they go a an extremely poor task on mine head. When they were finally done and also I inquiry her around my coupon she acted like she didn"t recognize what i was talking about. And I asked she if she psychic me giving her the coupon and also she stated yes, so i was like ok it to be for a $20 dissension gas card. Climate she stated she didn"t understand, and also that the manager had already left. So ns asked her exactly how come she didn"t offer it come the manager when she was there and also she said me that she didn"t know what ns was talk about. I simply went ahead and left due to the fact that I wasn"t going come spend an additional minute in the place saying with a woman the acts as if she doesnt know what ns am saying. Climate after ns drove 2 hrs to get ago home, a braid come out of my hair. The next day an additional braid come out. 4 braids finished up coming out of mine hair, and also I have actually braids that are prefer braided right into each other, braids sliding out yet hanging on by a strand that hair. My hair looks favor a mess and I will never go earlier there again. Lock were not professional, they were play around and also having client wait while castle disappear on castle for prefer 30 minutes. The client couldn"t go anywhere because they already started functioning on their hair. I lastly moved close to Charlotte and also need to get my braided by professionals and I"m afaird to try another new place since of what happened. But I know I will certainly NOT be going earlier to that HELL HOLE well-known as Aabies.