A medieval Appetizer for every Flesh have to Be eaten Based ~ above the Pied Piper of Hamlin and featuring the Dead in ~ 1000 Dead World

Suggested sleeve Price: $5.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8021Written by rose oil CargillBased on the original ide by George Vasilakos and also Christopher ShyEdited by M. Alexander Jurkat, Tomm Redding and also Ross IssacsCover and internal art through Jon Hodgson

Rats were not the real problem in Hamlin. It was zombies. They roamed the streets, attacking peasants, assaulting the stockades and also even threatening noble . . .

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Until the Piper concerned town. Simply as the largest force of zombie Hamlin had ever seen began breaking with the barricades, the Piper arrived and also somehow led lock away. Every he inquiry at the time was a little bit of gold.

When the Piper reverted for payment, the Mayor sent him far empty handed.

Format: 8.5″ x 11″, 14 pages, and color interior

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Suggested retail Price: $25.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8013ISBN: 1-933105-00-3Written by Daniel R. DavisEdited by Thom MarrionCover art through Jon HodgsonInterior art by TBA

Avast! Thar it is in ghastly things that sail these waters!

Whether labeled privateers or buccaneers, everyone feared pirates during the age of Sail. Currently the pirates have something come be fear of . . . The livin’ dead! native voodoo kings to ghost ships, swashbuckling through zombies is a whole various jug of grog.

So tighten them sails! Hoist the Jolly roger an’ go on the account v the brethren o’ the sea! however ‘ware the scream from the crows’ nest, “Argh! Thar it is in Zombies!” They’ll be after more than ye gold!

Argh! Thar be Zombies! is a complement for the All Flesh need to Be Eaten function playing game. In it you will certainly find:

Information ~ above the age of Sail and the golden age of Piracy, including whatever you must know around life as a pirate.Plenty o’ new Qualities, Drawbacks, and skills for yer piratin’ crew.New Zombie facets for the undead spat soon from Davy Jones’ Locker.Rules for cinematic sword-fighting and ship combat.New weapons, brand-new gear, and also an assortment that ships native swift sloops to gun hefty galleons.Three complete Deadworlds and two short ones, takin’ yer sea dogs from a dark and shrouded isle to islands in a dark sea of an entirely various sort.A slew of Archetypes that can be offered to flesh out any kind of pirate game.

So trim the sails and also hoist the Jolly Roger. Arrgh! Thar be Zombies!

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and also white interior

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Suggested retail Price: $23.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8006ISBN: 1-891153-30-7Written through Graeme DavisEdited by Ross Issacs and M. Alexander JurkatCover art by Carlos Samuel ArayaInterior arts by Travis Ingram, Ginger Kubic, wear Polkavitz,Dan Oropallo,

From all corners that the world, lock come. Leaving their graves for food, vengeance, or through the command of mysterious powers, the dead walk among the living. As they always have. Part you may understand by your appearance, yet others might be the person next to you. A couple of might be members of her family. Or also your pets.

Some will go down prior to your shotgun just like the brain-eaters earlier home. However others are harder come kill. Some deserve to only find rest as soon as they have actually completed your purpose, and some cannot dice at all. Ever.

Across the world and down through the centuries, civilization have wondered:

How carry out you death something that’s currently dead?

The Atlas that the walking Dead is a supplement for the All Flesh should Be consumed RPG. In it, you will certainly find:

Descriptions of an ext than 60 global walking dead indigenous Aptrgangr to Zmeu, separated into 18 easy-to-use sections.Bonus facets for each creature type, enabling almost unlimited customization.Nearly 50 new zombie aspects.More than 60 story concepts tied come these new creatures.An appendix covering undead animals from roughly the world.An exhaustive list of books and movies.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and also white interior


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Suggested retail Price: $30.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8000ISBN: 1-891153-80-3Written by Al Bruno III, CJ Carella, Richard Dakan, Jack Emmert, M. Alexander Jurkat and George VasilakosBased on the original principle by George Vasilakos and Christopher ShyEdited by M. Alexander JurkatCover art through Christopher ShyInterior arts by Stephen Brotherstone, Michael Osadciw, Brad Rigney, Christopher Shy, Dan Smith and George Vasilakos

Enter the dark human being of survival horror. The Dead walk amongst us. This role-playing game allows you to play in a people infested by the go dead. The key rulebook contains rules because that character creation, combat and everything rather you must play in a people of survival horror. Additionally detailed space the multiple project settings therefore you have the right to customize the type of “deadworld” you great to explore.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Hardcover, 232 pages, black and also white interior

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Check the end the brand-new revised edition!

Also available in December – Spanish Edition: PREORDER NOW

Download a totally free playable DEMO the the game.Demo also accessible in Spanish and Italian!

In 2000, all Flesh should Be eaten was nominated for finest Roleplaying game of 2000.


The rumors space true. Together a promotion item because that the very first printrun that AFMBE, Eden Studios had 2000 milk coco bars shipped with the very first printrun. Due to some problems with distributors no wanting to bring the game, this rarely item to be handed the end at conventions. Sometime in 2002, Eden will acquire some more of these tasty treats make up.

All Flesh should Be Eaten chocolate Barwww.rpg.net -Reviewed by David Rhode

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Suggested retail Price: $20.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8004ISBN: 1-891153-85-4Written by Jeff TidballAdditional Material by James LowderEdited by M. Alexander JurkatCover art by Carlos Samuel ArayaInterior art by Steve Bryant, C. Brent Ferguson, Jason Millett, Gregory Price and also Chris Stevens

What is Pulp?

Stories of exploration: adventurers penetrating the darkest, unexplored regions of the Earth.

Stories of heroism: the bold and also brave foiling the nefarious plots that dastardly villains.

Stories that mystery: gritty, streetwise gumshoes wearing the end their shoes leather looking for clues. Stories of monster menace: regrettably nephews heir to keys Man to be Not intended To Know. These just scratch the surface of the pulp genre.

Now add zombies!

Two-fisted high adventure just acquired down, dirty and also disgusting . . .

Pulp Zombies is a complement for the All Flesh should Be Eaten role playing game. In it, you will certainly find:

Extensive elevator on the the “Pulp Era”, including new character creation information.New rules for including gadgets and also mentalism strength to your AFMBE campaign.Detailed Deadworlds combining adventure and also archeology in the greatest action hero tradition, pitting the characters versus a demented, super-powered criminal mastermind, and also tossing the cast into the midst of a Martian intrusion intent on catching . . . Well, you have the right to probably guess.A collection of much shorter pulp zombie settings entailing strange orbital objects, tainted rice, a rare artifact and also a re-animator.New archetypes galore!

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, 152 pages, black and white interior

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All roleplaying gamings have at your hearts the “What if . . ?” question. In All Flesh must Be Eaten, the question is “What if you were challenged with a civilization gone to Hell, wherein ravenous undead sought living prey?”

What if you had to fight because that survival, sometimes against former friends and also loved ones? would certainly you it is in curious to uncover out the reason of the horror?

Would friend delve right into the heart of the zombie-infested locations to discover the truth? below is a link to truth about Zombie virus https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2011-02/fyi-could-scientists-really-create-zombie-apocalypse-virus/

Would girlfriend brave death to end the threat? What if there to be no cause, no solution?

Would the be better to simply flee for safety to certain the survive of the race?

All Flesh must Be consumed is a video game that combines aspects of horror (there space walking dead in this world, and they feeding on humans) with survival (characters have actually the rely on their skills and abilities come live through the night) and conflict (the characters may understand the truth; what are they going to do about it?).

Flesh personality Archtypes

These Archtypes room from the all Flesh have to Be eaten Mainbook

AthleteGoth ChickReporterBikerHackerScientistCheerleaderPolice OfficerSoldier/SWATDetectivePriestVideo store Clerk

How about giving united state some details on the video game mechanics?

How perform the skills work? What space the stats? quick synopsis top top combat?

Attributes space a pretty basic lot (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Per, Wil), and also run in between 1 and also 6 for human beings (2 is average). They have the right to go much greater for non-humans, yet that is rare. Skills run the very same gambit, but have no top limit. Again, you will certainly not most likely see anything over a 9 or 10, however, and also those will certainly be very rare. Together an example, a 4 or 5 ability is someone v a great deal the competancy, attained ~ a great deal of study or practice.

The basic simple Test in the Unisystem is Attribute doubled plus D10 (a an overwhelming Test is Attribute to add D10). The basic Task is Attribute plus ability plus D10. If you roll a 9 or better, friend succeed. Otherwise, you fail. Obviously, things have the right to get more complicated, however that’s the basics. A roll of 10 sponsor you a additional positive roll; a role of 1 requires a further an adverse roll (modified to curtail the level of success or failure — these vital rolls do occur 20% the the time).

If you should know degree of success, you compare the number friend rolled with 9. Each 2 numbers end 9, you acquire one success (e.g., a 14 is 3 Success Levels). This is important in a number of circumstances indicated by the text.

Another variance occurs once two actors are pitted against each other. This calls for a resisted Test. Each side roll a check or Task, and also the greater wins (unless an ext than one role is called for, in the Zombie Master’s discretion).

As because that fighting, near combat is a withstood Task in between the attacker’s combat skill and the defender’s combat skill (if he has actually a weapon or Martial Arts), or defender’s Dodge skill (if he has none, it’s a challenging Dexterity Test). Ranged combat is attacker’s ranged ability modified because that range, lighting conditions, recoil (if autofire is used), etc. Defender’s only response there is come duck and also cover — a Dodge and also Dex Task, and also he needs to beat the attacker’s roll (if it’s over 9). Problem there is the it uses all the defender’s actions.

Damage is to express in Life Points, which room a duty of Str and also Con. Every weapon walk a variety of damages (e.g., 9mm pistol walk D6 x 4), modification by bullet type. Armor protects with a range as well (e.g., simple Class ns Kevlar prevents D6 + 7). If friend want, you deserve to dump all the dice rolling, and also just use a set number that is provided.

The system deserve to be provided with cards or a non-random storyteller’s method, yet dice space the default system.

Suggested sleeve Price: $20.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8002ISBN: 1-891153-83-8Written by Al Bruno III, Richard Dakan and also Jack EmmertAdditional Material through Colin Chapman, Derek Guder and also Gerry SaraccoEdited by M. Alexander JurkatCover art through Christopher ShyInterior art by Storn Cook, C. Brent Ferguson, DWGross, Francis Hogan, Matt Morrow, Christopher Shy and also George Vasilakos

The first sourcebook come All Flesh must Be eaten opens whole brand-new vistas for a wade dead campaign. This tome brings together the thrills the Hong Kong action films and also the excitement of flesh-craving horror. The enhance of these two genres may not have actually seem evident at first, yet the pleasures the arise indigenous it space undeniable. After all, zombies and Hong Kong style action make a perfect fit. What much better match is there for a relentless collection of lightning kicks and a hurricane that bullets 보다 a target that can’t die? The pulse-pounding danger simply never stops. Besides, what martial arts grasp worth his salt doesn’t pains for the capability to usage his very own intestines as a deadly whip? for the undead, no problem!

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, 176 pages, black and white inner 176


Suggested sleeve Price: $24.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8007ISBN: 1-891153-15-3Written through Ben MonroeEdited by M. Alexander JurkatCover art through Kari ChristensenInterior arts by Travis Ingram, chris Keefe, Dan Oropallo

Where to be you?

When the hungry dead crawled from your grave-wombs, when the cities toppled and culture collapsed, once the macabre roamed the highways hungry for flesh and blood-where were you?

And what walk you carry out next?

Did girlfriend lie down to die confronted with a birds of teeth and corruption? Or go you rage uselessly at fate? Or did you take it the fights ago to the mouth that hell itself? fairly than counting success by how many putrid corpses you take it down, execute you currently view each brand-new sunrise as a quiet victory against the darkness?

If you’re a survivor, this book is for you.

One the the Living is a complement for the All Flesh must Be Eaten RPG. In it, you will find:

New skills, qualities and also drawbacks because that those that survive, consisting of some fresh metaphysics ideas and archetypes.Rules for scrounging and also jerry-rigging in a post-apocalyptic world.A slew of new implements the survival.Suggestions for personalities on how to use all the good new gear and abilities detailed.Guidelines for Zombie master for irreversible Deadworld campaigning, including the psychological and technological effects the society’s please . . . Oh, and also a bunch the cool new zombie Aspects.Details ~ above a tiny community of survivors holed increase in an secluded area.Eight new Deadworlds set many year after The Rise.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, black and also white interior

Release Date:  NOW AVAILABLE

Suggested retail Price: $20.00 (US)Order Code: EDN8003ISBN: 1-891153-84-6Written by Shane Lacy HensleyEdited by M. Alexander JurkatCover art by George VasilakosInterior arts by Thomas Denmark, Talon Cole Dunning, Jon Hodgsen, Ginger Kubic, Matt Morrow

It’s high noon at the Zombie Corral!

The third supplement to All Flesh must Be Eaten visits the Wild West. This tome is written by the Origins award-winning Shane Lacy Hensley that the Deadlands: The weird West roleplaying game. This publication will current all new western Deadworld settings, new archetypes, weapons and also zombies. And also conversion notes for the Deadlands RPG.

Format: 7.25″ x 9.25″ Softcover, 144 pages, black and white interior


Suggested retail Price: $16.95 (US)Order Code: EDN8701ISBN: 1-891153-86-2Edited by James LowderCover design by George VasilakosCover art by Christopher Shy

Format: 5.37″ x 8.37″ profession paperback, 320 pages, b&w interior

They won’t remain dead!

The zombies can not be stopped. Native the pitch-black hold of pirate ships and also the tunnels in ~ the war-torn jungles of Vietnam, they increase up. And also there’s no way to stop them, no corner of the world that’s safe from the invasion. Secret government labs, the trendy galleries of brand-new York’s arts scene, the illustration rooms the nineteenth century England all become the lair of the life dead in this inventive and also chilling collection of horror and also dark fantasy tales.

Under the guidance of editor James Lowder, The publication of much more Flesh presents an ext than 2 dozen initial stories, including works native several hot authors:

David Dvorkin, writer of fifteen novels, including the best-selling Star Trek: The following Generation title, The Captains’ Honor.

J. Robert King, writer of several best-selling Ravenloft and also Magic: The gathering novels, and also a critically acclaimed Arthurian trilogy (Mad Merlin, Lancelot du Lethe, and Le Morte d”Avalon) because that Tor.

Stoker award winner Tom Piccirilli, writer of ten novels, including The Night Class, A lower Deep, and Hexes.

Hugo Award and also Stoker Award finalist Scott Edelman, whose work-related has showed up in Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, and Asimov’s.

Hot brand-new writer Scott Nicholson, whose current debut novel, The Red Church, is garnering rave reviews and serious compensation consideration.

And several much more authors whose story regularly appear in Year’s ideal collections and also on the final ballots for major horror fiction awards, including Mark McLaughlin, Darrell Schweitzer, and also Stoker compensation winner Steve Eller.

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Editor James Lowder formerly helmed the successful anthologies Realms the Valor and Realms that Infamy, and is known to reader for his own best-selling dark fantasy novels Knight that the black color Rose and Prince of Lies.