all Things appropriate & Relevant regulating staff Lynne Okumuro, Michelle Voyles and also Janae Breslin was standing ready. Fred Gladdis/Enterprise photo

All Things appropriate & appropriate is non-profit consignment and thrift save that provides an excellent merchandise at great prices, in support of a good cause — generating an yearly stream of resources that support 10 neighborhood mental health agencies, and providing employment for the mental health and wellness clients offered by those agencies.

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R&R was introduced in December 1992, in a 3,500-square-foot ar on eastern Eighth Street. The store’s name come from a phrase that Davis companies columnist Bob Dunning was using through some frequency in those days, relenten Davis together “the city the all things right and also relevant.” The phrase sounded catchy, so the was adopted by the fledgling store, which quickly caught on with local shoppers.

In 2012, R&R moved to a newly built and also much much more spacious 10,000-square-foot ar on Spafford Drive, which r&r owns (rather than leases). “It is very nice to have the bigger building, due to the fact that we deserve to process much more items, and also sell much more items, which way we have the right to help more people,” claimed Lynne Okumuro, the store manager.

And the keep receives a lot of donations. “During lot of the year, us get around 400 item donated every day, if not more. And also that goes as much as 1,200 item a work in November and December,” claimed Okumuro.”Summertime, once students and teachers space moving, is one of our busiest time … when you space moving, friend realize how much stuff you have, and also many human being decide come donate several of the things they aren’t using. An additional busy time of the year is the Christmas season.”

Women’s clothing, jewelry and also furniture are renowned items amongst R&R shoppers. “Our No. 1 seller in regards to volume is women’s blouses,” Okumuro said. The store additionally carries men’s clothing, various household items, books and toys.

R&R additionally carries a choice of See’s Candy, which castle get directly from the See’s shop on l Street in Sacramento. “We space actually among the largest fundraisers in California through See’s Candy,” Okumuro said. “We have had actually a 20-year relationship with See’s, and later this year, we will surpass $1 million in See’s liquid sales over that two-decade period.”

R&R has a large and loyal following among Davis locals, and the keep is supported by countless volunteers who help with a selection of tasks, favor pricing items, inputting information about items for sale right into a database, and attaching a tag v price info to each item.

Some donated items are apparel you might wear every day. But sometimes unexplained items space donated, too. “In July, we had actually someone donate some genuine gold jewelry, the was lovely,” stated Okumuro. “There was likewise a current donation of some antique victor Era furniture.”

The board of Directors because that Friends of ally Non-Profits (the parent organization which operates All points Right and also Relevant) incorporate Ruth Shumway, sarah Wagner, Bob Shumway, Jean Canary, Julie Nedwin, Eleanor Farrand, Peggy Younglove, Hellen Mussen, Nancy Temple and Diane Sommers.

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Funds raised through the save go come support several Yolo ar agencies consisting of Citizens who Care, Communicare wellness Centers, Davis ar Meals, turning Point ar Programs, empower Yolo, brief Term Emergency aid Committee, Suicide prevention & situation Services the Yolo County, Shores that Hope, and also Yolo Community treatment Continuum.

All things Right and also Relevant is in ~ 2801 Spafford St. In Davis. Hours are Tuesday with Saturday, 11 a.m. Come 7 p.m. (with the thrift save closing at 6:30 p.m.) The website is www.rrconsignments.org, the phone is (530) 759-9648, and also the Facebook web page is www.facebook.com/rightandrelevant/