According to drew Goddard, writer, director and CU alum, the last time he was in The Sink, he had actually to buy the end the entirety bar after losing a gambling on a CU game. This time, it to be under much far better circumstances –– to comment on his new film, “Cabin in the Woods.” Goddard, that co-wrote and directed the film, and also Amy Acker who plays the role of Lin, satellite down with the CU Independent at The Sink to talk around the movie and also more.

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“Cabin in the Woods” is a horror film collection up like any kind of other. Five friends go to an diverted cabin come party and also things walk horribly wrong. Yet Goddard, who co-wrote the film through legendary director and writer Joss Whedon, manages come twist and also flip the traditional horror movie plot.


Writer and Director, attracted Goddard and actress Amy Acker meet with CUI's Isa Jones at the sink to comment on their brand-new horror film "Cabin in the Woods." (CU Independent/Isa Jones)

Goddard stated he composed the film as a kind of homage to all the good horror films he loves.

“I’m a boy of the 80s, you’ll see the influence of john Carpenter and Sam Raimi and all those guys,” Goddard said. “The thing about “Cabin” is, I can honestly speak it’s a love letter come the entire genre and also there wasn’t a fear film the didn’t influence it one way or another.”

As one alum of CU’s film and English departments, Goddard stated he counts professors and also film machines Bruce Kawin and also the late Stan Brakhage as 2 of his major influences. The experimental nature the the film regimen shaped him as a writer and also director, Goddard said.

“Never again since I left CU have actually I had actually someone say to me, ‘if you take it 16mm film and also bury the in her backyard after did you do it shot it, it provides it one earthy look and also it will let irradiate shine in,” he said. “That’s the ingredient that only happens in ~ CU … If girlfriend look in ~ “Cabin,” you feel this, you find out to to speak ‘let’s try it. Shot something various …’ the was certainly something CU impression upon me: don’t be afraid to it is in weird.”

Amy Acker, that has functioned with Goddard and Whedon ~ above projects prefer “Angel” and “Alias,” claimed working with them, and also in this genre, enabled her to check out her own creativity.

“For an actor i feel prefer these are the most challenging roles you get to play and also you really gain to execute such a wide range of various parts,” Acker said. “So, there’s not a the majority of opportunity on various other shows the you get to perform so countless different things. It’s very exciting to acquire to occupational with people who have such great imaginations and also are so an imaginative and no afraid to perform stuff that other world would be scared of doing.”

Acker claimed that Goddard and also filmmakers choose him room a determining element in what jobs she takes.

“Even the components I’ve taken due to the fact that then <“Angel” and others> have all kind of been civilization who love Joss and J.J. Abrams,” she said. “I kind of have tendency to stick with those people because I think I’m simply attracted to those projects. My mom really wants me to execute a romantic comedy, though. One day. I’ll most likely be a monster in love or something.”

While “Cabin in the Woods” drops into the an ext fun horror genre then the gruesome and disturbing, Goddard said that it functions on a deeper level then just the visceral scare.

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“It’s difficult to refuse the effect of the times you’re living in as an artist, and we to be living in a time of war,” he said. “It was this time of sacrifice youth come appease the better gods and that was very much what was affecting ‘Cabin.’”

While it may be collection up choose a collage of all the horror movies already seen, “Cabin in the Woods” hurls the genre right into uncharted territory. Goddard states the movie was a blast to film, and also hopefully that will translate on screen.

“I maintained saying, if we can’t have actually fun ~ above this movie, we should simply quit the business since we execute such crazy points in this movie,” that said. “Like every work you would look at that was getting here to work, and you would certainly go, ‘this is absurd! just how did they permit us get away v this movie?’”

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