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This is wherein the fun Begins is an image macro collection featuring a screen catch of the character Anakin Skywalker indigenous a step in the 2005 movie Star wars Episode 3: Revenge the the Sith.


In Revenge of the Sith, the personality Anakin Skywalker is displayed uttering the heat "This is whereby the fun begins" while paris a spacecraft in pursuit of an assassin (shown below).

On October 8th, 2016, the Relatable Star wars memes Facebook<4> page posted a screenshot from the scene, captioned v "When you find the start of the fun" (shown below). Within four months, the article gained end 790 shares, 640 reactions and also 320 comments.



On December 7th, 2016, the Youngling-core Facebook<6> web page posted the display screen capture over a step from the film in which Skywalker murders a team of young Jedis known as "younglings" (shown below).


On December 24th, Redditor cibolm reposted the "When you locate the beginning of the fun" image to /r/meirl,<5> wherein it gathered an ext than 6,100 point out (94% upvoted) and 60 comments over the following two months. ~ above February 7th, Redditor Trumps_guacadviser submitted an image macro through the caption "When girlfriend walk in her room and also your uncle is naked on her bed" come /r/dankmemes<2> (shown below). The day, Redditor liliceberg submitted a write-up speculating that "This is whereby the fun starts memes about to explode" to /r/memeeconomy.<1>


On February 17th, Redditor awesumepizza submitted an additional screen recorded image that Skywalker title "Is this wherein the fun begins?", captioned with a joke around sex with a pregnant mrs (shown below). In ~ one week, the short article garnered upwards the 1,800 point out (98% upvoted) and also 40 comment on /r/dankmemes.

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