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CLEVELAND — friend think you were a basket case watching World series Game 7? Imagine how the football player must have actually felt.

Chicago Cubs an initial baseman Anthony Rizzo turned come veteran catcher David Ross once things gained tense. Ross was miked up because that the game, therefore viewers got hear what they had actually to say:

Anthony Rizzo speaks for every one of us the town hall this game.

— Joon Lee (
joonlee) November 3, 2016

Here is the full conversation transcribed:

Rizzo: i can’t manage myself ideal now. I’m trying my best.Ross: It’s easy to understand so, buddy.Rizzo: I’m emotional.Ross: ns hear ya.Rizzo: I’m an emotionally wreck.Ross: Well, it’s only going to obtain worse. Just proceed to breathe. That’s all you have the right to do, buddy. It’s only gonna get worse.Rizzo: I’m in a glass instance of emotion right now.Ross: Wait until the 9th with this three-run lead.

World collection Game 7 to be Ross’ final game prior to his retirement. His residence run in the sixth inning offered the Cubs a three-run lead. Even though he was a Cub for only two seasons, “Grandpa Rossy” will important be missed.

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