One Direction and 5 seconds of Summer have officially taken end the people of popular music music. They’re both talented, cute, and capable of stealing the hearts of teens anywhere the globe.

Is 5 seconds of Summer reallytrying to steal One Direction’s limelight? IsOne Directiontruly far better than 5 seconds of Summer?

Comparisons between the two boy bands and also rivalryamongst the fandoms is everlasting.Let’s to compare the 2 groups and also let the fight of the boy bands commence…

It’s officiallyOne Direction vs 5 seconds of Summer!

Instrument Playing

5SOS is well-known for playing their own instruments and not relying on a tape to do their backing. Luke Hemmings leads the means on vocals and Michael, Calum, and also Ashton every chip in through the singing. The One Direction boys however, every take component in lending your vocals v not one single member thefts the show for also long. Niall and also Liam are the just members that play an instrument (the guitar) however that doesn’t to compare to 5SOS who space constantly rocking on their guitars and drums.

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Band or boy Band?

As far as instruments go,5SOS are incredibly talented. This is what separates the Australian sweethearts native the One Direction heartthrobs. 5SOS are a band who each beat their own instruments and also sing.One Direction, top top the other handare a boy band, lock all gain their fair share ofsinging and do not play instruments on the regular.

Similar layout & Sound

There’s so lot overlap in 5SOS and also One Direction’s sound and also style that they might seamlessly switch song and couple of would be the wiser. Hear to 5SOS’s Amnesia and also compare it come One Direction’s Story of mine Life, you’ll discover both the hook and also the timbre of the song to be virtually identical. Would certainly you say the Australian foursome room copying One Direction? The well known mash increase of Kiss You through One Direction and also She Looks therefore Perfect by 5SOS proves simply how comparable the two bands’ sound is.

Harry Styles and also Ashton Irwin

Ok serious now, are Harry and Ashton twins? from the hair, come the eyes, it’s fair to say the the 2 heartthrobs watch alike means too much.Just look in ~ their equivalent cute curls and also dreamy dimples!

Number One Albums

One Direction’s Up every Night and also 5SOS’ debut album both scored in the charts, getting to number 1, internationally. No one can argue against the truth that One Direction are worth a totality lot more than 5 secs of Summer. However remember that 5SOS only released their debut album last year which means thattheir journey has only simply begun. Can 5SOS override One Directions’ earnings and also popularity?

Pop vs. Rock

5SOS take impetus from pop rock bands like environment-friendly Day while One Direction space the male equivalent of the Spice girls – pure, bubble-gum pop. Although your newest album, Four functions a lot of rock, that still fair to say that 1D will constantly be considered a pop boy band and as lengthy as 5SOS continue to strum on their guitars and wear punky outfits, they remain a popular music rock band.

Song creating Skills

You would have noticed that 5SOS’ songs space a little more meaningful as compared to One Directions’. This is due to the fact that each and every member of 5SOScontribute in the composing oftheirsongs and theyinclude a most their personal experiences. Louis and Liam room the just 1D members to placed pen to file when it involves lyrics. Does the make the Australian lads much more talented? Ouch!

Friends prior to Fame?

As we all know, One Direction created on The X Factor by auditioning separately. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and also Niall didn’t know each other prior to being put together by Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowellin 2010. Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael top top the various other hand, were friends a lengthy time before they rose to fame.

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While Directioners and also the 5SOS family continue to spat, what they can fail to an alert is that the two teams themselves have created a type of camaraderie. Reports show that bother Styles and also the remainder of One Direction in reality have part ownership of 5SOS! The two groups have also joked around the consistent comparisons saying the the just similarities theyshare space “the same genitals.” True that.


Are 5 secs of Summer instead of One Direction together the worlds’ biggest and most bankable boy band? Or will the two constantly be distinct? have your to speak in the comments box…