When it involves relationships, things don’t constantly go together planned the an initial time around. Yet in the surname of love—and reality TV—MTV made decision to wrangle up few of their many memorable love hungry contestants from past seasons the Are girlfriend the One? to offer them another shot at forming a bond through their scientifically-chosen perfect enhance in Are girlfriend the One: second Chances.

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The show, where 10 perfect matches from the original collection will contend for a $250,000 prize, will certainly be held by Real World: Philadelphia alum, Karamo Brown. The returning couples are: Shanley and Adam (Season 1), Ellie and also Nathan (Season 2), Devin and Rashida (Season 3), Mikala and Cameron (Season 4), Kaylen and also Asaf (Season 4), Tori and Morgan (Season 4), Francesca and Giovanni (Season 4), Alicia and Mike (Season 5), Carolina and also Hayden (Season 5), and Casandra and Derrick (Season 5).

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TV Insider caught up with Brown, that holds the unique honor of gift the very first openly happy African-American to appear on reality television, to obtain an within scoop ~ above the Are you the One? spinoff, talk around some that the wildest challenges and also reveal which pair had the hardest time rekindling your relationship.

How did you get associated with Are you the One: 2nd Chances? I’ve been hosting for about three years now. Ns was a social worker and also a psychotherapist before, but I really want to pursue my dreams. Castle were looking for hosts and also I knew I had actually to get in there. Because I to be one the Real World, i knew what those children were going to go through. Even though it’s to be 10 years, ns still recognize what they’re dealing with. Secondly, through the training that I carry out have, I believed it would certainly be really interesting to dig a little bit deeper. So, I just went in to MTV and was like, “Hey, provide your boy a chance!”


Are you The One: 2nd Chances host Karamo Brown

How go the present differ native the initial Are friend The One? In the original series, anyone is hooking up with each other and also no one really knows that their perfect complement is. If there’s still a most hooking up on Second Chances, the done in between the scientifically selected couples. So, yes still the element, however now yes sir a small less distractions from other people. You need to really figure out why you’re a match.

A lot of these contestants went into this thinking they were an alleged to autumn in love and have 14 children, and also while the is the situation for a few lucky former actors members, romance is no the common denominator because that every pair. Your perfect enhance could be what you’re looking for business-wise, they can be the partner you’ve been lacking to build the next billion-dollar business. We’re looking beyond sexual and into the different varieties of relationships civilization can have with one another.

They’ve traded in the “Truth Booth” because that “The Choice.” can you phone call us around that? yes sir a secret twist at the end of every elimination round referred to as “The Choice.” I’m really excited around it! The pair up for elimination will be in former of me usually explaining why castle there and hash out whereby they walk wrong. Climate they each need to make a decision that will ultimately impact their perfect complement in a means you’d never imagine. They gain to decision whether their perfect match goes house miserable or v money in their pocket. That the first time I’ve checked out it done on fact TV and also it’s walking to punch everyone’s mind!

There’s going to be a many tears this season and I just wanted to it is in there and say, “Run, girl, run!”

AYTO always gives that contestants crazy obstacles to compete in. What are some of the wildest goals you remember? few of the most amazing ones for me to be the psychological challenges. Yes this stunner puzzle challenge where the couples need to work with each other to uncover the lacking pieces scattered all throughout Melbourne . You literally can’t gain to the next spot without solving the coming before clue. Some contestants took hrs to finish, while those with better communication skills completed it within 30 minutes.

What room the greatest relationship problems the couples struggle with most on the show? I would certainly say yes sir two: communication, together I mentioned before, and also trust. To trust goes a long way in this series, due to the fact that you no only have actually to think your perfect match has what that takes to gain the project done, yet you additionally have come be certain you deserve to do the together. Things got daunting at times, since you have some contestants who room self-reliant and also aren’t used to relying on rather to carry out things for them. That was in reality something I experienced the an initial episode v Kaylen and Asaf.

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Were any of the contestants yes, really hesitant about giving things a second chance? five yeah! About fifty percent of the contestants to be hesitant about the whole thing. Gio and Francesca space the two human being that stand the end to me the most regarding hesitation. Gio reminds me so much of myself as soon as I to be younger, which is therefore weird, since I’m completely not that guy anymore. Castle both come in with comparable attitudes like, “I don’t know if I want to be here with him and also I don’t understand if I desire to be right here with her.” after ~ the first challenge, things begin to shift and they begin to watch each various other in a means that i don’t think they witnessed before. It was yes, really nice.

Do you believe in 2nd chances? most definitely! If you can be ethical with yourself and your partner about the 2nd chance and also grow native the lessons you’ve learned in the past, then i truly think things can work the end for the best. I’m in reality in a relationship currently where we gave each other a second chance and it’s to be the happiest connection ever! i’m thankful for that, due to the fact that we put whatever out top top the table and also moved forward from there.

Was over there a pair you were secretly rooting for? Yes, there room two! i was rooting for Morgan and also Tori first and climate Alicia and Mike. Although i watched the ahead seasons, once I in reality met lock on the first day, ns knew the if us weren’t ~ above the present I’d in reality hang out through the four of them. It immediately made me start rooting because that them. Also, when it pertained to the challenges and digging right into their personal relationship, those couples really impressed me.

Which retro MTV dating present would you most like to watch back: Next, Room Raiders or Parental Control? Why? probably Next, because I was in reality on that show. They did a Real World celebrity edition and also I ended up saying following to all of them! ns would completely do that again though.

If you can pick 3 celebrity ex’s worth offering their relationship a 2nd chance, that would castle be? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Ripping a part the household is going come be extremely hard on those children and also I would hate to check out it happen. There was real passionate love there, for this reason if they can just placed their egos aside, i think they could work out their differences.

Khloe Kardashian and also Lamar Odom. No to sound prefer an illustration of RHOBH, but I think she was part of the enabling. His fight with drugs is nothing new and i think she was so unaware that she was allowing him, the she never ever received counseling because that herself. Ns think lock both could’ve grown together if they received help, instead of simply him receiving treatment and her pointing the finger. I believe they really loved every other.

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Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. Ns a little devastated the she’s out here thottin’ top top the street corners, if Kermit is on my Instagram sipping tea. I require y’all to cut this foolishness and get earlier together.