ns went ~ above a resource run through a Quetz, perched it on a cliff, and also (I assume) it got attacked while ns was exploring. It had actually a many health and also melee damage, so ns think it more than likely survived the fight and just landed somewhere in the forest. I"ve make the efforts scouting the area with one more flying mount, whistling and using a telescope together I search, yet no luck therefore far. Sadly, that did not have actually a transponder attached.

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With the recent development of admin regulates on console, I began wondering if there was a method to teleport that lacking Quetz to my location, or disclose it top top the map somehow. Is there any kind of command or an approach you can use to find a nearby, however hidden, trained dino? Or carry it come your location automatically?


To clarify, I desire this dino back. I am mindful that dinos can be spawned via commands. I want to find out exactly how to recover this dino, through all that inventory.

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When a tamed dino dies you obtain a article in the log in section. For this reason if you don"t have a message there, the most certainly survived.

Personally... I have actually lost a ptera for around 2 main then uncovered him. Ns lost an additional 1 and after around other 2 weeks it passed away of hunger.

Now... About finding him (I haven"t pat for around 2 months, yet I think the additional are still valid).

If when you passed away it to be on passive and also not ~ above follow, it need to be precisely where girlfriend left it (even if you to be mid air). Dinos don"t consume stamina while not mounted.

If it was on aggresive/neutral and not ~ above follow, it must be in the area fighting dinos.

If it to be on follow and you die... It simply goes crazy and also flies randomly (in my cases once went as high up as it can get and also once at the border that the map). Once this happens i usually take into consideration it lost.

About commands, afaik they only occupational on exclusive servers, not on official.

Source: an individual XP, about 300h the gameplay, also about 400h because that my wife.

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Usually when this occurs your Dino gets glitched under the map, or that flies above the height of the map. It will certainly usually appear randomly throughout the map, it"s most typically found in 0,0 cords

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So dude, simply spawn a brand-new dino. For example: admincheat summon argent_character_bp_cAnd mount it v a saddle, then form admincheat addexperience 1000 0 0

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