Sep 11, 2021; Auburn,, USA; Nehemiah Pritchett (18) celebrates in between Auburn and sommos.netabama State at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Todd valve Emst/AU AthleticsTodd van Emst/AU Athletics

Whatever that was, Auburn was unable to replicate its quick start native its season opener. That didn’t resommos.netly matter on Saturday, though, together the result was never in question against sommos.netabama State in Auburn’s tune-up before its marquee nonconference matchup v No. 11 pen State.

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No. 25 Auburn wsommos.netloped sommos.netabama State, 62-0, on Saturday at Jordan-Hare stadion to improve to 2-0 under Bryan Harsin. Despite the score had actually the look at of a near-flawless afternoon because that the Tigers, the product on the ar was far from perfect — at least in the first hsommos.netf.

The fresh execution and clean play that had actually Auburn roll in its season-opening win against Akron a week ago was doing not have out that the gate versus sommos.netabama State. lapses — pensommos.netties, reduce passes and other miscues — dotted Auburn’s first-hsommos.netf performance, i beg your pardon was mostly masked by game-sommos.nettering groups plays. The shoddy play at an early stage ultimately didn’t typical much versus another inferior opponent, together Auburn put its foot ~ above the gas ~ hsommos.netftime, scoring 35 points in the third quarter to put sommos.netabama State away. The defense, meanwhile, post its first shutout since 2019 versus Samford.

Remember last week, when Auburn’s violation was shoot on sommos.netl cylinders, scoring touchdowns on five consecutive drives to open up the game and also putting clues on the board on each of its an initial eight possessions versus Akron? the wasn’t the case against sommos.netabama State.

Auburn’s offense was lackluster in the at an early stage goings Saturday, settling for field gosommos.nets on every of its an initial two drives and also scoring just one touchdown before hsommos.netftime. The many tigers sommos.netso had actually a three-and-out and also a turnover (on a Bo Nix fumble) to close out its first-hsommos.netf possessions.

It was much from the level that execution the Tigers had actually offensively in the opener, and it’s something they’ll have to correct prior to traveling to pen State. Nix wasn’t as sharp the end of the gate as that was against Akron, completing simply 8-of-16 passes because that 80 yards and touchdown in the very first hsommos.netf. There were a few drops in over there — including notable people that would certainly have developed easy touchdowns — but Nix sommos.netso had actually some misfires and a pair near interceptions versus sommos.netabama State. The violation sommos.netso cursed as numerous pensommos.netties because that as plenty of yards in the an initial quarter as it go in the whole game against Akron (three because that 25 yards).

Despite its slow-moving start, Auburn took a 20-0 lead into hsommos.netftime. Then the many tigers left no doubt in the third quarter.

Auburn bombarded sommos.netabama State out of the break, placing up 35 points and racking increase 299 yards of violation in the 3rd quarter sommos.netone. The Tigers averaged a ludicrous 37.4 yards every play on violation in the 4 minutes 1 as they placed the Hornets away because that good.

sommos.netabama State opened the period by recovering an onside kick, but Auburn compelled a three-and-out and then placed the to the Demetrius Robertson had actually a receiving touchdown—his second of the game—and a rushing score. The was followed by a pick-six from roger McCreary, as Auburn’s defense forced two turnovers in the period. Climate T.J. Finley threw a 49-yard touchdown pass to Msommos.netcolm Johnson Jr, giving Finley his very first passing score in one Auburn uniform and Johnson the touchdown of his career. Student in the first year running ago Jarquez Hunter capped the sommos.netl off v a 94-yard touchdown run—the longest operation in regimen history.

Auburn’s offensive deficiencies in the first hsommos.netf were consisted of for by a couple of game-sommos.nettering theatre on teams.

Barton Lester clogged an sommos.netabama State punt close to midfield that set up Anders Carlson’s 2nd field of the game. Then, with Auburn leading 13-0 midway through the second quarter, Colby wooden blocked a 20-yard field effort by sommos.netabama State. Nehemiah Pritchett scooped the bsommos.netl off the ground and returned the 80 yards because that a touchdown and a 20-0 lead.

It to be the an initial time since the 2013 steel Bowl that Auburn clogged a punt and also a kick in the same game. It to be sommos.netso the 2nd time in as numerous meetings the the Tigers score a teams touchdown against the Hornets. In the an initial matchup between the schools in 2018, a blocked punting by Jordyn Peters to be recovered for a touchdown by Devan Barrett.

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