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0 border break max stats HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3 840 36 137 77 0 148 N/A (174 at Lv100) 128 44 66 1 Light 110% 120% 120% basic Skills Recommissioned When Health drops under 20%, heals 15% (25%) the max Health. Deserve to only occur once per battle.

Downes 0 limit break max stats basic Skills Crimson Phoenix
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
1600 74 0 135 0 125 N/A (141 in ~ Lv100) 55 32 88 3 Light 105% 65% 100%
When Health falls under 20%, heals 15% (25%) the max Health and increases Firepower through 30% for 15 seconds. Have the right to only take place once per battle.


In Azur lane the quantity of oil consumed by any kind of ship increases when that ship is limit broken. Because ships might be leveled to 100 on the chinese server without border breaking them, the usual grinding strategy is to usage level 100 pearls that are not limit broken with maximised stats. Every ships detailed below are assumed to be 0lb uneven otherwise stated.


The most typically used grind fleet in the Chinese variation of Azur lane is the Fletcher fleet. This fleet is written of the Eagle Union destroyer Fletcher and two the her typical rarity sister ships as the escort fleet.

The one fuel price of Fletcher’s regular rarity sisters, merged with Fletcher’s two fuel cost makes the full Fletcher fleet just consume 4 fuel. For comparison, the minimum the a solitary maximum limit damaged destroyer will expense is 7 fuel.

The 2nd benefit of this fleet is in ability synergy. Fletcher herself has actually a skill obtainable without limit breaking called “Sisterly Temperament,” which increases the firepower and evasion of Fletcher course destroyers in the fleet through as lot as 30%. With three Fletchers this is practically the identical firepower output of a fourth ship in the scout fleet. Fletcher then has second skill referred to as “Tactical Command - Destroyer” which boosts the firepower, torpedo power, and reload of every destroyers in the fleet by 10%. Since of Azur Lane’s ability rules the firepower increases of Fletcher’s two skills will stack and also she will boost her sisters’ firepower by 40%.

Finally, the ability synergy expand to her sisters as well. Fletcher"s sisters have the skill “Quick Reload” that allows them to an increase their own reload every 20 seconds by 40% for 10 seconds. This likewise stacks v Fletcher"s assistance skills

Skills alone do a Fletcher fleet ideal for any kind of kind of grinding to be done in Azur lane simply because of the dpm get that wake up in your synergy.

Let"s take a look at the pearl in class.

Fletcher, DD-445, is name ship the the Fletcher class, of which there were 175 members built during WWII

every run, yet she requires other Fletcher-class DD"s to work effectively

Aulick, DD-569


Foote, DD-511


Spence, DD-512


Thatcher, DD-514


Radford, DD-446


Jenkins, DD-447


Charles Ausburne, DD-570

Charles Ausburne

Nicholas, DD-449



Battle Monitors

Erebus-class Monitors

Erebus supplies stats equivalent or slightly much better to any alternative at she cost and also impressive firepower come boast at really low price because that a backline unit.

This renders her a an excellent unit because that farming escort fleets at lower levels, where theres a absence of backline pressure because of the infrequent planes and also suicide boats thus permitting her to it is in viable. Strong constant dps versus suicide boats and anti-air is important to surviving later human beings with her.

As a result, Erebus is regularly used as the prime instance of why newbies do not do it skimp top top oil price due come her lack of late video game viability though she remains reliable up to start of world 9 with appropriate equipment.

Erebus 0 border break max stats basic Skills limitless Darkness
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
1575 128 0 75 0 102 N/A (72 at Lv100) 22 12 19 3 Light 90% 200% 100%
30% (60%) activation every 20 seconds: Fires a one-of-a-kind barrage at opponents (damage based on skill level)

Unlike Erebus who has 91 luck, Terror only has 19 luck. As such Terror is not as recommended to use compared to Erebus.


Rare Battleships

Hyuuga’s strong firepower and firepower an enhancing skill permits her to really shine in compare to her sister Ise, therefore she is the finest 0LB Battleship against backline extensive maps.

Double the cost of the Erebus class ships in ~ 0LB, that is not recommended to usage Rare Battleships in ~ farming reduced level content due to the fact that lower stages tend not come target the backline. Applications of castle is mainly minimal to later on stages because of insufficient gear, short level event stages where backline push is solid or once frontline visibility is lacking such as once running 1:1 (1 Backline, 1 Vanguard) fleets.

Hyuuga 0 border break max stats base Skills extending Fire
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
3262 192 0 103 0 102 N/A (56 in ~ Kai) 10 23 60 6 Heavy 110% 200% 80%
Increases very own FP by 10% (20%)

The right substitute come Hyuuga if you do not have actually her.

Yamashiro Max limit break Lv100 stats basic Skills Yukikaze of Kure The Unsunk lucky Ship full Barrage
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
1855 59 478 140 0 194 186 186 42 98 10 Light 75% 150% 75%
While alive in fleet, reduce damages received through backline by 3.5% (8%). As soon as per battle, when any type of ship in the backline drops below 20% health, heals said ship because that 4%(10%) of your max HP.
5% (25%) opportunity to activate as soon as taking damage: to reduce said damage to 1.
Every 15 (10) times the key battery has actually been fired, trigger Full Barrage – Yukikaze II
Yukikaze is slightly various from a zombie together she uses backline heal and also has incredible survivability compared to other destroyers. Thanks to she 98 happy points, high evasion, and an abilities it provides her very an overwhelming to die. In spite of lacking in key gun damage, her superior torpedos makes her ideal to take out priority adversaries such together Triforce (Hard difficulty) BBs at later stages. Pair she up v Vestal and also Shouhou/Unicorn because that maximum value.

Z23 Max border break Lv100 stats base Skills Solomon Wargod (Retrofit) Termination setting full Barrage
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
1815 148 306 153 0 191 195 197 45 18 9 Light 165% 125% 125%
5% activation upon firing: because that 8 seconds, rises own Firepower, Reload and Evasion by 20% (40%)
Every 20 seconds, has actually a 40% (70%) opportunity to activate termination mode, boosting own Reload stat through 200% for 10 seconds and also releasing a an effective barrage if firing a machine-gun explode of fast torpedoes.
Every 15 (10) time the main battery has actually been fired, cause Full Barrage – Laffey II
Laffey Kai is the perfect balance of Destroyers together she own great consistent dps while tho having great torpedoes.

Cassin Max border break Lv100 stats base Skills Recommissioned (Retrofit) rapid Reload complete Barrage
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
1611 91 258 146 0 185 174 181 47 63 7 Light 125% 135% 130%
When Health drops under 20%, heals 15% (25%) the max Health. Can only occur once per battle.
30%(60%) possibility to activate every 20 seconds: rise own Reload through 20%(40%) for 10 seconds
Every 15 (10) time the main gun is fired, trigger Full Barrage – Mahan course I
Downes is practically identical to Cassin, and also suffers native the same flaws together her while offering an excellent value for her cost.


Featuring a line-up of zombie skills, lock again re-superstructure the same features of previous zombie ships. With huge survivability, castle are best for clearing escort fleets.

Phoenix Max border break Lv100 stats base Skills Bull that the Lake capital Dullahan complete Barrage
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
3707 225 0 216 0 159 110 24 26 76 12 Medium 125% 70% 125%
Upon damaging an enemy vessel, rise own Firepower by 5% (15%) and Reload by 10% (30%) for 12 seconds. This result can activate as soon as every second and does no stack. The duration will reset ~ above activation.
When health falls under 30%, decrease damages received by 5% (10%). Then, for the next 16 seconds, decrease speed by 2, and recover 1%(4%) max wellness every 3 seconds. Have the right to only happen once per battle
Every 12 (8) times the key battery has been fired, create Full Barrage – new Orleans course II
Minneapolis, return a weaker zombie unit, is good for manualling content up till human being 11. This is thanks to her impressive DPS as a CA, this is aided by the fact by making use of her in a mobbing fleet her skill "Bull that the Capital" has a propensity to remain active throughout the fight.

HMS Neptune Max border break Lv100 stats base Skills Damage manage constant Maintenance
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
3986 43 0 132 0 146 97 16 16 79 10 Light 0% 100% 100%
Once a battle, anytime a ship falls under 20% Health, Vestal heals it for 10% (20%) the its max Health. If the target is Enterprise, the heal amount is raised by 50%.
Begin every Sortie with 1 (3) Emergency Repair.
Vestal own the capability to "zombify" one unit per battle. This permits for much more choice in systems at later stages whereby taking shots from enemies is much more punishing. Unequal Akashi, she does not offer consistent heals aside from her auxiliary equipment, therefore to maximize her worth it is recommended to take she into cases where skill use is maximized. This can be done by to run cheaper, and weaker fleets such as 2:1 W12, or through tackling more tough content.

Akashi Max border break Lv100 stats base Skills support Carrier Reload Command - Vanguard
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
4601 0 0 234 270 157 70 46 24 78 11 Medium 130% 130% 80%
After launching one airstrike, heals the Escort Fleet for 3.5% (8%) of their max HP
Increases Reload that the Escort Fleet by 5% (15%). Does no stack with other command skills that have comparable effect.
Unicorn offers great heals, and the additional skill of raised reload. She is mainly used in the location of Shouhou when dealing with Planes many thanks to her better Anti-air capability by having actually a fighter slot.

Shouhou Max limit break Lv100 stats base Skills pho Command – main Fleet spanning Fire (Retrofit) Melee artillery
HP FP TP AA AP Reload ACC EVA Speed Luck Oil Armour Eff1 Eff2 Eff3
6205 351 0 337 241 115 56 13 23 60 13 Heavy 175% 200% 95%
Increases FP of the key Fleet by 5% (15%). Does not stack with other command skills that have similar effects.

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Increases own FP by 10% (20%)
Can activate only 10 seconds after the start of the battle. When enemies enter a details range, fire lvl 1(10) unique barrage. Deserve to activate only when every 10 seconds.

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