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Established On:
 Jan. 1, 1874
FDIC Certificate Number:
Total Assets:
Deposit Insurance:

Community Bank:
Asset Concentration:
 Commercial lending Specialization
Institution Class:
 Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC

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I have actually read plenty of of the reviews posted here, and I have to say ns am not surprised. But what is bothering me is that, once the financial institution in Paradise first burned and shortly after I opened up a brand-new account, castle told me they would be relocating to one more location. The was a when ago, and also now the \"deadline\" has not only been extended, but has no finish promise. So as soon as I check out this ... \"The lease in your corporate workplaces at2527 Camino RamonSan Ramon, CAwill expire in ~ the end of 2018. They room going to fire all 1000 employees and also move out of California. Talk to our CEO Nandita BakhshiNandita.Bakhshi
bankofthewest.com415/432-3685I am no surprised. I will certainly be in search of an honest bank very soon. Ns have problems financially v the State that CA FTB and this will just compound them. Ns am extremely disappointed in this bank. Paul Wesley BowenParadise CA

My Banker was Melanie C. In the Folsom, CA branch. She collection me up quickly with a checking and also savings accounts. She was an extremely pleasant to work with and she had actually exceptional customer company skills! ns love this bank!

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My Banker was Melanie C. In the Folsom, CA branch. She collection me up conveniently with a checking and also savings accounts. She was an extremely pleasant to occupational with and also she had actually exceptional customer business skills! ns love this bank!

Bank that the west. Castro St Branch mountain View CaAttn managers All Branches -any bankThe personnel. No exception at this branch greet customers by name,Always v a smile. Really professional, an extremely friendly. And always with a \"personalized\" smileI have had actually my account for over 10 years, and it\"s always turned right into a friendly welcome a friendly transaction. Thanks