I included red come the background and it is not working. Ns tried doing the in different browsers (IE, Firefox, and also Chrome).

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hi there froxas908, i had actually the exact same problem. Carefully read the instructions prior to you shot it:

Your .red-box dominion should include a fallback through the background set to red instantly before the present background declaration.

When you placed it choose this: “background: var(–red-color);” you room not reading the instructions. It states “before” the currently background declaration. For this reason the answer will certainly be:

background: red;background: var(–red-color);

thank you


This is a fallback in instance the browser doesn’t assistance custom nature (variables).

background: red;background: var(--red-color);This is a custom residential or commercial property fallback worth in case the given variable is not yet defined.

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background: var(--red-color, red);

For browser compatibility using the.red-box class that should encompass a fallback v the elevator


been getting this wrong for favor …

I think “improve-compatibility-with-browser-fallbacks” is again broken.Can anyone confirm?PS : i can’t yet write-up the links

Why execute you think is broken?If you use the “Ask for help” switch inside the difficulty you will create a sommos.net write-up that has already your password formatted in itOr simply copy your code right here using the switch in the article editor to layout you code

i had the same trouble also, say thanks to you


Yes that is!! to be stuck for a few hours, in search of the ideal answers native this sommos.net…but no one of the answers go not occupational


Thanks. I have actually this trouble now yet with her comment, i have been maybe to fix the background issue.

It’s actually working. I had actually the same issue (with composing the code and also it was saying that ns hadn’t excellent it properly), however I determined to “Reset all code” and also then just wrote one heat -> background: red; and also it worked. Maybe if you adjust something in CSS (though girlfriend delete) it has actually some type of…bug?