If you're anxiously waiting for Starbucks to an episode their holiday drinks and you've already started curating your Christmas music playlist, her holiday prepare is around to gain even an ext festive. Bathtub & Body works (who already won united state over through their endless PSL-scented options) blew our holiday-obsessed minds as soon as they announced that this year's line-up contains over 650 different products! It's it s okay — we need a minute, too.

With so much to choose from, there's certainly something to fit everyone's scent preferences and winter beauty, beauty needs. Even if it is you're in search of fun autumn stuffers or a chic hostess gift, there are a few products and scents we need to talk about. (We can't in reality walk you with the entire collection, or we'll be below until following Christmas.) breaking into new bath territory, B&BW will certainly be introducing their very own bath bomb, the bathtub Fizz! accessible in festive scents choose Vanilla bean Noel, Winter liquid Apple, and Twisted Peppermint, the bath fizzes are just $6.50, and look adorable. Feel complimentary to stock up for your friends, or hoard them every for yourself. Us won't tell!

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If baths aren't really your thing, there are plenty that other, super sparkly additions to love. Glitter-encrusted decorative situations make for a glam method to gift any type of of their Fine Fragrance fog — and also their Foaming street Scrub, Whipped Shimmer body Mousse, and Shimmer Fizz human body Lotion let friend deck yourself the end in sparkle galore. We especially recommend you try out the Shimmer Fizz body Lotion, i beg your pardon is so fun to use. You deserve to basically think of it as pop rocks for her skin — crackling and popping together it leaves skin moisturized and also subtly sparkly.

And, for those who would fairly stick to the classics, the brand is still providing their usual assortment the lotions, body washes, and also candles in nostalgic scents favor Gingerbread Latte — and their year-round favorites like Japanese Cherry Blossom and also Warm Vanilla Sugar. The vast collection is launching progressively throughout October and also November, therefore you'll have actually plenty of reasons to save visiting the store until the holidays arrive. Take it it from us: you've gained all the options you require for everyone on her nice list!


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