Batman: The death Joke expanded Sneak emergence A new DC featurette contains a very first look in ~ the animation from the upcoming man film, Batman: The killing Joke.

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Fans of Alan Moore and also Brian Bolland’s critical one-shot graphic novel, Batman: The death Joke, have been wait a lengthy time because that a full-length adaptation. Over there was, therefore, a the majority of excitement when an animated film was announced, followed not long after by the news that both Kevin Conroy and also Mark Hamill would certainly reprise their roles as Batman and also the Joker, respectively. DC likewise announced the the animated feature would, in every likelihood, warrant an R-rating, permitting it to stay true come its resource material.

Recently, Hamill took to Twitter with the very first panel that the upcoming movie – a quiet of a Batman: The man Series-esque Batman clutching the Joker. Now, DC is offering fans their very first look at the hotly anticipated animated event.

Batman vs The Joker in The killing Joke
In the short video, the producers also discuss the interesting creative challenges that adapting The death Joke’s really realistic Bolland artwork, via Kevin Nowlan, into a style much better adapted because that animation. In addition, castle delve into a couple of key story alterations, because of the must stretch the graphics novel right into a full-length runtime. The resulting prologue of sorts will feature much more Batgirl backstory, allowing her character to develop further before the events of the initial plot kick in. In spite of the darker source material, the an innovative team ponders the opportunity of pulling off The killing Joke without a compulsory R-rating in this an ext lenient era that the MPAA.

Hopefully, though, the producers continue to be close enough to the resource material and worry less about ratings than telling (arguably) one of the ideal Batman story of every time. As among the defining works that DC’s darker-edged 80s comic books, The killing Joke and also its imprint-mate The Dark items Returns both readjusted the food of comic publications forever, bringing a much more adult audience right into the sequential art civilization than ever before.

Overall, the animation looks crisp, stark, and yet hauntingly familiar, remaining true to its resource material’s tone at least. It likewise sends a chill down the spine hear Conroy, Hamill, and strong return come the voice roles they defined. The killing Joke looks prefer it will have some teeth, and also it will be amazing to find out how plenty of when it arrives this summer.

The Batman Zoe Kravitz Catwoman
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