Why cereal City Science?

We think tomorrow’s leaders have the right to be uncovered in math and also science classrooms anywhere the country. By complicated students to take it on the functions of scientists and engineers, we help them to build the creative, critical, and analytical thinking an abilities that will open up a people of opportunity.

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With that philosophy in mind, cereal City Science offers a phenomenon-based Kindergarten through 8th grade scientific research curriculum designed for the next Generation science Standards and the Common main point State Standards by complete science, mathematics and literacy v an interdisciplinary approach. We provide STEM curriculum, materials, and professional learning all designed to support district and also classroom implementation that 3-Dimensional Learning and also to construct science leadership capacity within an organization.

An completed STEM Program


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Built from the soil Up for 3-Dimensional Learning

The change to three-dimensional learning allows students to discover real people phenomena in an ongoing process of questioning, investigating, developing, and also refining explanatory models about the world.

The nationwide Research Council’s (NRC) framework defines a vision the three-dimensional learning that includes:

science and also engineering practices crosscutting ideas disciplinary main point ideas

The grain City scientific research program gives three-dimensional science instruction in the classroom because that students to interact in all four domain names of science proficiency (physical science, planet science, life science, and engineering).

Designed through the 5E learning Cycle (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate), our curriculum offers teachers with instructional devices that include opportunities for communication in the classroom together students:

number out phenomenon progressive questions and carry the end investigations talk and also write around their observations and also work together to revise your thinking and also build expertise discuss and also carry out methods to test their expertise

Through cereal City Science, student are becoming scientists and engineers, and as a result, they"re talking around science at a deeper level than ever before.

What Teachers room Saying

"Cereal City Science has actually all the tools and also training necessary to teach the following Generation scientific research Standards utilizing 3-Dimensional, multiple proficiency practices. My students room so engaged and also look front to science every day. I’ve seen rise in the use of scientific research vocabulary and also practices in their daily lives. Lock use crucial thinking an abilities across the curriculum and also instead of looking come me because that answers, they are currently looking come one an additional to figure things out. Though it’s no what learning and teaching are all about, experimentation is constantly on a teacher’s mind. Mine students do wonderful gains on both the NWEA and also MSTEP tests."

- Elisha Laninga3rd great Teacher three Lakes Academy in Curtis, Michigan


Everything You should Implement the NGSS!

Teacher Guide



Student Journal



Science Unit

Unit Training

Curriculum Designed for the next Generation!

NGSS Alignment by "Topic"

Each unit aligns v the performance expectations as formatted in the "Topic" setup of the NGSS, weaving content, science and also engineering practices, and also crosscutting concepts throughout.

CCSS Alignment because that ELA and also Mathematics

The unit style breaks down the "silos" that learning and integrates reading, writing, and also mathematics in ~ the process of figuring the end phenomenon and also solving problems.

Problem and also Phenomenon-Based Units

Each unit starts with a difficulty to resolve or phenomenon to number out. As students number out and also explain the phenomenon, they uncover content knowledge that they use to describe the solution or phenomenon come others.

Formative Assessment and also Assessment Probes

What do we know? What have actually we learned? What more do we should know? The teacher guide contains a facilitation guide with questioning techniques and also assessment probes to identify student progress and also understanding.

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Performance Tasks

Apply what we have actually learned to fix problems and also design projects! Students space assessed v their completed tasks or solutions, scientific explanations - claim, evidence, and reasoning - and presentations.