Be glad your nose is on her face,not pasted top top some various other place,for if it were where it is not,you can dislike your sleep a lot.Imagine if your valuable nosewere sandwiched in between your toes,that plainly would no be a treat,for you"d be required to smell your feet.Your nose would be a resource of dreadwere that attached atop her head,it soon would journey you to despair,forever tickled by your hair.Within her ear, your nose would bean absolute catastrophe,for when you to be obliged to sneeze,your brain would rattle native the breeze.Your nose, instead, v thick and thin,remains between your eyes and chin,not pasted top top some various other place--be glad your nose is on her face!

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i salute your way of thinking......let the weirdness walk a point higher..thanks n rgrds because that enchanting the mind.

I have the right to think that an even worse location our nose might be... Anyway, good poem, it certainly gives credence to the idea of intelligent design.

He lives in Seattle, Washington through his wife, Carolynn.5 Stars for this terrific poem ahnd I understand Seattle also well

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