One the the most energetic restaurant corners in Soulard will see brand-new life in 2021. Beforehand next month, Boo Coo restaurant will open in the previous Oaked space, in ~ 1031 Lynch St. (Prior to Oaked, Lynch Street Tavern lived in the building and before that Fleur de Lilies, Gusto’s 314, Sage metropolitan American Grill, and also Lynch Street Bistro, which opened in 2007.)

Owner Nikki Westhoff, who lives and works nearby, says she"d to be talking around opening her very own restaurant for much more than a year, but, ironically, it was the pandemic that brought the dream to fruition.

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“Working less, i had more time to think around it,” she says, “and the more my husband and I talked with the owner of Oaked, who very own that building, the an ext sense the made," particularly when staffers at next-door neighbor Anheuser-Busch return to their offices. 

The name Boo Coo originates from the Cajun term for beaucoup, the French term for "big" or "many." Westhoff plan to take a much more informal technique than its predecessor. “Soulard is a casual place," she says. "Our plan is come play much more to the neighborhood. Human being need a ar to relax, throw a couple of darts, play golden Tee, and also watch a game.” A self-confessed sporting activities nut, Westhoff has mounted 16 TVs ("big ones," she says) and two projection TVs in the space.

“That component of Soulard needed a little excitement, a small push, and the room is so huge that world can spread out out no matter how plenty of seats we’re permitted to use,” Westhoff states of the two-level space.

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The 2nd floor, which has actually its own bar and outside deck, will additionally be provided for exclusive events and to showcase neighborhood live music. The sprawling first-floor patio bar, do of brick with wrought-iron fencing, is usual of the Soulard area.

The food selection at Boo Coo is predictable, yet with some unexplained flourishes, a couple of that lean toward new Orleans, among Westhoff’s favourite cities. Chicken wings, fried cheese sticks, and also potato skins give method to taco wontons, a muffuletta, nachos offered in a café du Monde coffee can, and a double smashed burger v cheddar and cream cheese topped through fried jalapeños. The signature article is the Boo Coo Ring, a croissant filled v chicken pot pie fixin’s.

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Having operated for 22 years in the industry, Westhoff states she knows the bar step well and has actually a theory about bar customers’ behavior. “Bars aid other bars,” she says. “Over the years, i’ve watched how civilization would go from McGurk’s to Duke’s come Molly’s to 1860 . We should recreate that same kind of activity in our part of Soulard–south Soulard. I"d choose to see civilization move from ninth Street Deli come D’s Place to Daddy’s and the Cat’s Meow to Boo Coo.

“I live in the neighborhood, and also I recognize the neighborhood,” she adds. “I’m proud to say the I now own a company in the neighborhood.”