"Harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix" is the 5th installment in the fight franchise based upon J.K. Rowling"s hit books. Having actually opened in theaters July 11, 2007, the movie point out a transforming point in the series. Harry and also his girlfriend are starting to grow up, and Voldemort comes back, fully, bringing a new level of evil with him. We meet new characters and creatures, and lose part favorites. Click through for behind-the-scenes facts around the film together we note its 10-year anniversary. 

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When filming the large explosion step in the set of Magic in ~ the finish of the movie, nobody of the cast and crew were permitted to have their cell phones turned on since it might have accidentally set off the blast early. 


Thank god Daniel Radcliffe is a great kisser, claimed actress Katie Leung, who admitted she was an extremely nervous about performing the kiss in between Cho and Harry. Radcliffe said he was nervous, too, and that "it made the a lot easier," in a behind-the scene interview. He also described the onscreen smooch as really "fun."

Leung said they dimmed the lights, and also she didn"t recognize if that was so the scene would be "less intimidating, or much more romantic."


Emma Watson claimed that the large pillars in the to adjust of Magic set where the wizards come via Floo powder reminded she of tube stations in the London Underground. In fact, these stations did offer as incentive for the set. 


Helena Bonham Carter theatre the fatality Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, but the duty was initially went to Helen McCrory, who had to bow out once she gained pregnant. McCrory ended up playing Bellatrix"s sister, Narcissa Malfoy in the next installment, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."


Production for the film take it a nine-week hiatus midway through so the Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson can take institution exams. Producer David Barron claimed this to be "absolutely unheard of." 

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, to be seriously considering not returning ~ the fifth "Harry Potter" movie, but she made decision to stay due to the fact that it would be as well weird come watch another actress play Hermione in the rest of the movies. 

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The to adjust of Magic collection is the largest in any kind of "Harry Potter" film: It could fit 50 dual decker buses. It took 22 weeks come build, but only shows up in the movie for less than 10 minutes, follow to this "Behind the Magic" special. 

Imelda Staunton was the only an option to play Dolores Umbridge, that is described as chubby and toad-like in the books and widely hated both by characters and fans. Staunton and also costume designer Jany Temime made Umbridge"s dresses much more padded and also saturated together the movie go on. Stephen King dubbed Umbridge the "greatest make think villain come come along since Hannibal Lector," follow to The Chicago Tribune. 

Evanna Lynch, that plays Luna Lovegood, to be a huge "Harry Potter" fan and actually created a letter come J.K. Rowling. She beat the end 15,000 other girls for the role. Producer David Barron claimed to IGN, "She"s simply Luna Lovegood."

Some stunner family background is revealed in the 5th "Harry Potter" installment. Bellatrix Lestrange is Sirius Black"s cousin. Nymphadora Tonks" mother is additionally Black"s cousin and sister come Bellatrix and also Narcissa, make Tonks Draco Malfoy"s (Tom Felton) cousin. 

J.K. Rowling was going to have actually Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) death Arthur Weasley (Mark Williams) in bespeak to acquire Harry into the room of Mysteries. But, she determined she couldn"t go v with killing turn off such a beloved personality (though later she appears to be able to kill off one of Arthur"s sons). She claimed that Arthur can be the only great father in the entirety series, and also she couldn"t bear to death him. 

Another favourite character -- Sirius -- does gain killed in the room of Mysteries by Bellatrix. 

The "Harry Potter" team decided to construct Grimmauld Place, whereby Sirius Black lives in London, rather of finding a place to film because it was much more convenient and also economical, according to the "Behind the Magic" segment. 

The Prophecy Room to be the first all-digital set for any kind of of the "Harry Potter" films. "It’s a facility set and also the prophecies space housed in circular globes and also have things happening within of them. Us think we can do a much better job as a digital set," producer David Barron stated to comingsoon.net in 2007. 

Emma Watson stated that if she were to play one of the adult characters, she"d choose Professor Severus Snap (Alan Rickman). "I think it"d it is in cool come play the poor guy," she claimed in a Moviefone "Unscripted" interview. 

Daniel Radcliffe stated that filming the fighting scenes in the Room of necessity "felt prefer we were in the facility of the sun." In the scene, there room a ton that mirrors and there had actually to be numerous fire places too so the a fireplace could be watched in every mirror. 

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There"s a scene whereby Ron gets flung throughout the room through Hermione. Gibbs Rupert Grint claimed to comingsoon.net the in order to perform that stunt, he was set up in a harness attached to a "fat bloke," who then walk up and also down a ladder to move him. 

Even though Lupin doesn"t die till the seventh part of the series, Rowling chose he would at some point die as soon as writing "The stimulate of the Phoenix." "Arthur lived, for this reason Lupin had actually to die. Ns sorry. Ns didn’t gain doing it," the author said. 

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The fifth publication is the longest in the series, yet the movie variation is the shortest of the films. The longest film is "Harry Potter and also the chamber of Secrets," i beg your pardon is the second shortest book. 

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