Today, we’re celebrate the release of the opening theme for the Netflix adaptation that Cowboy Bebop! To acquire into the spirit I cracked open my anime food cookbook and made Jet’s specialty, Bell Peppers and also Beef! This is a straightforward yet very delicious recipe that anyone deserve to make. Ns doubled the beef the initial recipe called for, due to the fact that I felt bad that Spike doesn’t get any type of beef in his in illustration 1 that the anime.

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heh, it’s Cowboy Bebop


1/2 pound beefsteak cut into 1/4-inch-by-2-inch strips, 1/8 inch or less thick (I doubled the beef)4 tsp. Sake2 tsp. Soy sauce2 tsp. Cornstarch1 tsp. Oyster sauce1/2 tsp. Sugar1/2 tsp. Carefully grated garlic (I substituted minced)1/2 tsp. Finely grated ginger (I substituted floor ginger)1 tsp. Sesame oil3/4 cup green bell pepper, core and seeds discarded, cut into strips3/4 cup boiled bamboo, drained and also cut into 1/4 inch broad strips (I used canned bamboo)


Step 1: Sauce up that meat(and make an ext sauce)!

In a bowl, combine the meat strips v 2 tsp. Sake, 1tsp. Soybean beans sauce, and also 1 tsp. Cornstarch and also toss it roughly to gain a nice even mixture. In another bowl, stir with each other the continuing to be sake, soy sauce, and cornstarch with the oyster sauce, sugar, garlic, and also ginger and collection aside together well. (I didn’t acquire a picture of this part because it simply looked prefer a glob of meat with sauce next to it)

Step 2: add Heat!

Heat the sesame oil in a huge pan over tool heat and also sauté the bell peppers and bamboo till the peppers are simply tender, must take about 2 minutes.


Step 3: add Your other Stuff!

Stir in the meat and also cook till it’s no much longer red. This step must take roughly 5 come 7 minutes.

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Now to water in the sauce and fold every little thing together come coat and cook through.

Step 4: Plate and Enjoy!


There you have it. Jet’s distinct Bell Peppers and Beef. For as straightforward and fast this cooking recipes was, this will be in my arsenal moving forward. May tweak the sauce and also try new things. Might serve that over some rice following time, that knows? every I know is that I’m stoked for the live activity Cowboy Bebop!