The vital to drafting a championship-caliber fantasy football team is draft preparation. End the past week, we have actually been functioning our means through our pre-draft positional fantasy rankings because that the upcoming season. In this article, we room going come look in ~ tight ends. When there room multiple game-changing tight ends, this is without a doubt among the many top-heavy position teams in the league when it involves fantasy football. Exterior of the height six or seven players in ~ the position, that becomes challenging to discover players that fantasy owners could trust to produce at a consistent level in 2015. We have put together a perform of the top five options. This is a look at what we come up with.

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All rankings are based on the assumption that a traditional scoring format is in place.

5. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

– farewell Week: 6

Witten may not it is in a threat to short article a 1,000-yard season in ~ this allude in his career, however he is still an excellent option for fantasy owners who room looking for regular production in ~ the tight end position. His chemistry v Dallas quarterback Tony Romo is undeniable, and the 12-year NFL veteran there is no missed a game because the 2006 season. All said, Witten would be terrific mid-round fantasy draft selection in nearly any scoring format.

4. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

– bye Week: 5

Olsen post the an initial 1,000-yard receiving season that his NFL career in 2014, and also the 2015 season has the potential come be also better. Olsen is currently the No. 1 target for the Panthers after large receiver Kelvin Benjamin endured a season-ending knee injury early on in the preseason. Fantasy owners can expect Olsen to check out well end 100 targets this year, and as a result, we believe that that will have a career year in 2015.

3. Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

– bye Week: 7

Like Olsen, Bennett was standing to benefit from his team’s apprehension at the broad receiver position. The bear are most likely going come be without rookie Kevin White, their very first round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, and also Alshon Jeffery has been battling injuries for many of the preseason. In 2014, Bennett captured 90 passes because that 916 yards and six touchdowns. We room expecting far better numbers native the 28-year-old tight end in 2015.

2. Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks

Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

– taking leave Week: 9

Graham’s fantasy value took a slim hit as soon as he went from play in the new Orleans Saints’ pass-heavy violation to the Seahawks’ run-first offense. V that being said, the 28-year-old tight finish is a matchup nightmare who is capable of posting substantial numbers in any type of offensive plan with any kind of quarterback in the organization throwing him the ball. We are fully expecting Graham to capture 85 or much more passes because that 1,000 or an ext receiving yards and 10 or much more touchdown receptions in 2015.

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1. Plunder Gronkowski, brand-new England Patriots

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

– taking leave Week: 4

Gronkowski is the only tight end we would certainly even take into consideration drafting in the very first round of fantasy bilder in 2015. He is as close to being unstoppable as any type of player in current memory, and also is a magnet for targets when the Patriots’ offense is in the red zone. Gronkowski is Tom Brady’s favorite target in brand-new England, and will likely outperform several vast receivers once it involves fantasy manufacturing in 2015. Since of this, that is ours clear-cut selection as the No. 1 fantasy tight finish in the NFL this season.