Follow the trail about the Glish Town, and find brave young Anon in black Desert Online.

Black Desert Online regularly hosts various occasions that include numerous daily quests and also bonus rewards. This time you have the right to play in the Pit-a-Pat fortune Cookie event that will last till August 2. This event contains 16 quests and rewards you with Black rock armor and also weapons.

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One the the pursuits within the Pit-a-Pat event gives an ext trouble to players 보다 others. If you’re among those that can’t discover the boy called Anon in the “Where ~ above Earth?” quest, climate follow the overview below.

How to uncover Anon in where On planet Quest in BDO


Step 1: find All security Camps and Gateways in Glish

Anon likes come run about a lot, and he never stops for longer than couple of minutes. You have the right to only connect with him together he stands in one place, for this reason the “Where top top Earth” quest will force you to chase the boy around until the stops.

But first, girlfriend must know where come look because that Anon. His favorite areas are security camps approximately Glish Town. There are 4 of them in total, therefore be sure to examine each and every one.

Anon’s path consists of the complying with pattern:

Southwestern GatewaySouthern safety CampGlish TownNorhwestern Gateway


Step 2: chase Anon and Talk to Him

Anon complies with the same route -- start from the southern guard camp and running counter-clockwise among other camps, so be certain to check them all. Start your find from the south and also go about until you find him.

Usually, he rests near groups of soldiers that guard the camps. If you check out him standing, method him and start the conversation. As a result, you will certainly be rewarded with 5x Black stone Weapon and 5x Black stone Armor.

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Anon is also a part of world of Serendia knowledge wheel, so friend will be able to get the Brave Boy component of this expertise as well.


This is it because that the where on earth quest, and if you’re looking for other Black Desert Online guides, then check them out below: