For a brief moment in time, Blood, Sweat & Tears were one of the best rock bands in America, scoring gigantic hits prefer “You’ve make Me So very Happy” and also “Spinning Wheel,” winning a Grammy because that Album the the Year — in spite of facing off versus the Beatles’ Abbey roadway — and playing a triumphant collection at Woodstock.

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But in ~ the pinnacle of their fame in 1970, they walk on a State Department-sponsored tourism of the steel Curtain countries Poland, Romania, and also Yugoslavia. Many thanks to the continuous Vietnam War, it was a time of maximum mistrust in government and also the tourism sparked a vast fan backlash. Lock were never able to reclaim the lost momentum and their fortunes rapidly waned transparent the Seventies.

The upcoming documentary What The Hell taken place to Blood, Sweat & Tears? will lastly tell the band’s complete story, making use of 65 hrs of unseen footage shot top top the band’s notorious Iron Curtain tour, i m sorry was lot more facility than many fans understood at the time.

“Created with the full teamwork of Blood, Sweat & Tears,” reads a press release, “the film will certainly overflow with an excellent music, worldwide political intrigue, compelling person moments, humor, and fresh insight into this weird never-before-told story.”


‘What the Hell taken place to Blood, Sweat & Tears’? A new Documentary Will have Answers: exclusive | Billboard

What The Hell occurred to Blood, Sweat & Tears?

Producers are looking for photos and also memorabilia that the band from 1968 v 1971. Come submit, please visit

New Documentary Asks ‘What The Hell happened to Blood, Sweat & Tears?’ – rojo Stone

August 2021: Directing, writing, and producing a documentary are, in equal measure, exasperating and also exhilarating, stressful and also stimulating, irritating and also inspiring. But perhaps the many enjoyable part of gift a movie housing is the “treasure hunting.” What this entails is not unlike the forensic research done in detective mirrors such together CSI and also LAW and also ORDER.

With the assist of many people, consisting of members that BS&T, the film’s an imaginative team has accumulated an extraordinary arsenal of rare and also unusual film, video, photos, slides, recordings, private travel journals, federal government documents and also behind-the-scenes details with which to tell this remarkable and also compelling story. Ours rough reduced editing process has simply begun and also I’m really excited about what this documentary will certainly be once finished.

At the heart of our movie is clip shot through the documentary movie crew that accompanied Blood Sweat & Tears top top its groundbreaking tour behind the stole Curtain in the summer that 1970. Lot of sources evidenced that 65 hours of film were shot throughout the 26-day journey v Yugoslavia, Romania and also Poland. The initial intention for that footage was to do a 2-hour film because that exhibition in movie theaters, yet somewhere follow me the means that idea was abandoned. A 53-minute regimen was eventually completed, plan to be syndicated to television stations roughly the world. Curiously, that version was never officially released. A bad quality copy had actually been post on YouTube, however we managed to discover pristine prints buried in a storage facility here in Los Angeles last June.

That’s a huge one in the “found” column, to be sure, but what remains “lost” space the 65 hours of turbulent footage. And, finding that footage has come to be an obsession v me.

The primary an obstacle of this treasure hunt is the i of time. A lot of can happen in 50 years. The production company and post production residence both closeup of the door in 1970/71. We’ve chased under leads through succeeding owners, archives and also storage units, to no avail. To be it destroyed, knowingly or unknowingly? could it have actually been found in a dumpster by one unknown collector who’s maintained its visibility a secret ever since? Or is the footage sit in the far corner of part storage facility, mis-filed, mis-labeled, and/or unclaimed?

Like any great detective, i’m not giving up on this case. Brand-new leads room being generated and followed. In the comes months I’ll store you posted on this and also other progression made v the documentary and also the exasperating and exhilarating sweetheart hunt.

John Scheinfeld

Director, Writer, Producer

What The Hell taken place To Blood, Sweat & Tears

Los Angeles, respectable 2021

We have actually missed performing because that our fans and also can no wait come get ago to make music again. Therefore please inspect the updated tour Page and come to a concert close to you.

Stay Healthy and also see you really soon!


“Blood Sweat and also Tears was born native a selfish id that us could integrate the sophistication and also musical ability level of jazz music v the energy and also universal very nice one of rock vocal music. Rather of incessant whiny etc interludes, us would have actually improvised, voluntary jazz solos. Horn arrangements were not an afterthought, they were fully integrated right into the song themselves, some composed by band members and also others that would come from numerous different resources. These space the ideas that recipe the concept of BS&T 

Over the years more than a one hundred and seventy-five musicians have actually flowed through the ranking of the miscellaneous iterations the the BS&T. The most commercially successful version the the band was in fact, our second line-up. 

What endures now is the advancement of that concept… together with an impressive roster the the many talented and entertaining musicians us have ever had.

BS&T has actually never stopped touring. The didn’t walk away. Friend can contact it a renaissance, or the newest variation of… yet it is simply Blood Sweat and also Tears in ~ its best“.

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