This new 39th edition has 2,512 pages of exact information and also up-to-date worths for contemporary firearms and also many major trademark antiques. Through over 1.8 million publications in circulation worldwide, the Blue book of total Values once again provides much more firearms information and pricing, consisting of all the brand-new makes/models for 2018. This book continues to it is in the “Bible” for buyers, sellers, collectors, and also connoisseurs in the firearms industry! This newest edition consists of the following:

Over 1,700 manufacturers and also trademarks are listed with quick histories anytime possible. Practically 23,000 models room individually listed and described A staggering 500,000+ up-to-date values room provided. No other publication is also close! The 80-page color Photo percentage Grading device (PPGS) has been revised, making guns grading even less complicated and an ext accurate. Serialization charts have been expanded, allowing much more years that manufacture to be identified on individual makes/models

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About the Author

Best-selling writer S.P. Fjestad’s involvement with guns started early due to the fact that he grew up top top a dairy farm yard in west central Minnesota and started duck searching at age 10. While functioning in the IRI (Investment Rarities) Firearms division during the 1980s, he became the author and also publisher of the Blue publication of pistol Values, currently with over 1.4 million duplicates in print. It stays the best-selling gun publication worldwide.

During the late 1980s, the author/publisher, a musician with worldwide credits, uncovered through endure that there wasn’t a good reference book on guitars. After three years the research, the 1st Edition Blue publication of Guitars was published in 1993, and then expanded to the Blue book of Acoustic Guitars, Blue book of electric Guitars, the Blue publication of guitar Amplifiers, and also other guitar-related titles. In 1998, the fourth Edition Blue book of Guitars winner the “IPPY” (Independent Publisher small Press publication Award) for ideal Reference Book.

Blue book Publications has actually gone on come win number of IPPYs in the finest Reference group with author Dennis Adler’s trio of black powder titles, including Colt Blackpowder Reproductions & Replicas, black Powder Revolvers – Reproductions & Replicas, and Black Powder lengthy Arms & Pistols – Reproductions & Replicas.

Over the past three decades, S.P. Fjestad has actually edited and also published end 160 books on a wide variety of subjects, including firearms, airguns, black powder reproductions and replicas, automobiles, guitars, engraving, billiards and also pool cues, ammunition, and also others. One of Blue publication Publication’s most recent achievements has to be its mobile website, which permits the client to acquire his/her details from a mobile an equipment – anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, S.P. Fjestad has actually written and also edited hundreds of write-ups for miscellaneous trade publications, and also the Blue publication of gun Values might be the just gun publication ever pictured over time magazine and listed as a reference source in the wall Street Journal. That has likewise testified together an government in numerous professional and legal situations. Fjestad has likewise been a guest on such TV programs together American Rifleman, American Guns, weapons & Ammo, and also Gun speak TV. Additionally, he write-ups the weekly pistol of the Week write-up on, in addition to blogging under the heading “S.P. Fjestad’s Lethal Blogging.” A jug veteran of thousands of trade shows in countless countries, the author is currently proceeding with caution to identify his following hobby because most of the previous ones have actually turned right into jobs!