Barbara Ann Martin thrived up in Minnesota. When she was old enough, she moved to Baltimore, started singing in local nightclubs, and also began using the surname Bobbi Martin.

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Bobbie began recording singles in 1960 and within a year had actually recorded because that three different labels. Her main label ended up being Coral documents through the mid-sixties. Her first charting record came in 1965. Ns didn’t recognize the title of the single, but recognized it as quickly as it began playing on YouTube. Don’t Forget i Still Love You sounded a lot favor something Brenda Lee can have recorded and perhaps that helped it with #19 ~ above the hot 100. The single nearly topped the Adult modern-day (AC) Chart, whereby it peaked at #2.

She had actually four an ext top forty singles on the AC chart the year, however none of them come close to the height forty on the hot 100. After that streak, Bobbi went five years without charting anywhere, except for one solitary that peaked in ~ #64 ~ above the country chart.

Bobbi signed up with United Artists documents in 1968. Her very first album on the label was a repertoire of consist of of hit country records. Her an initial single from the album to be her variation of Harper valley PTA, a tune written by Tom T. Hall. Jeannie C. Riley released the hit version of the song, and also Bobbi’s single only bubbled under the warm 100.

Bobbi recorded one more album of country tunes the next year, back she and her producer (Henry Jerome) created the title track because that the album, For The Love that Him. The very first single native the album, Your Cheating Heart, again failed come chart. The second single indigenous the album was she cover variation of Patsy Cline’s I Fall to Pieces. Maybe as a way to push some money come the singer and her producer, they placed For The Love that Him ~ above the B-side of the record. Rather of the A-side reaching the nation chart, it must have actually been a surprised to everybody associated when the peak forty stations and also AC stations turned the record over and played the B-side. Her single reached #13 on the warm 100 and also #1 ~ above the AC graph in 1970!

Bobbi had three more singles reach the optimal forty ~ above the AC chart, yet she never gained onto the warm 100 again. And also that #64 record from 1966 became the only time she charted on the nation chart.

Several more singles complied with on Buddah Records and also MGM Records, and her last release came in 1975 on green Menu Records.

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Cancer take it Bobbi from united state in 2000.

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