The temples in Zelda: Breath of The Wild are a selling point of the open-world video clip game; however, none are quite choose each other. Each shrine functions a special set of difficulties that usually encompass a main puzzle and also a few smaller puzzles that reward you with chests.

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The Bosh Kala shrine is just one of the easiest temples in Breath the The Wild, but it's still daunting in its very own way. Here's whatever you should know about where to discover the Bosh Kala shrine, how to complete the challenges, and every reward you earn because that completing it.

whereby Is The Bosh Kala Shrine?

The Bosh Kala shrine is straight east of the good Plateau.

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There's a picture above the where exactly you can find the shrine top top your civilization map. You will find it in a grassy area, so you don't must worry about extreme temperatures; however, storms could be a problem depending upon the weather. If you run right into a lightning storm, unequip any metal items you're wearing.

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This area that Hyrule isn't an especially dangerous, however you have to still watch the end for any kind of enemies you may encounter on her journey. Gliding to the Bosh Kala shrine is an easier means to travel, and also there are numerous high points in the region. Enemies aren't a danger inside the shrine, therefore the Bosh Kala shrine is perfect if you should collect soul orbs at an early stage in a brand-new playthrough. Don't worry about bringing a lot of weapons due to the fact that you won't need to fight any kind of enemies.

The Bosh Kala shrine isn't too tough to complete contrasted to other shrines in Breath of The Wild, yet the puzzle deserve to be tricky as soon as you're completing it for the very first time.

once you very first enter the shrine, you can use an air gust to paris from one communication to the next. The platform has a chest ~ above it, which has a piece of Amber. The ledge is an extremely low, so girlfriend aren't risking noþeles by jumping into the wind gust.

Next, you have to walk right into the big room and use the wind gust top top the left to launch towards the following platform. Again, use one more gust the wind to launch in the direction of the end of the shrine, towards the ar where girlfriend can insurance claim the soul orb.

However, rather of finishing the shrine, rotate directly roughly from the soul orb chamber, and you'll clues a chest. You can jump turn off the platform to reach it, utilizing the wind if girlfriend need, and also open the chest. The chest contains a imperial Claymore, which is a powerful weapon for new playthroughs.

when you open the chest, you have the right to jump top top the platform nearby and walk back to the wind gust. Journey the wind earlier to the end of the shrine and claim the heart orb. Once you get the spirit orb, you deserve to leave the shrine.

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