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My briggs & stratton push mower starts when primed. Operation 5 seconds and also dies.Air filter, spark plug and also fuel line space fine. Has no fuel filter.
Mine is doing the same
Hi there,My mower is act the very same thing. It will run as soon as I element it for only a few seconds and then dies. Last mow, it eventually kept running, yet ran genuine poor. It maintained kind that surging. Constant idle, then would idle real, then slow-moving every second or so. Just how did you solve yours?Thanks for your time!
Hi there,My mower is act the very same thing. It will certainly run as soon as I prime it for only a couple of seconds and then dies. Last mow, it at some point kept running, yet ran actual poor. It retained kind of surging. Continuous idle, then would certainly idle genuine, then slow every second or so. Exactly how did you resolve yours?Thanks for her time!
Start by removing the float bowl nut on the carb. There is one tiny hole close to the height that is angled downward, clean this v a cable from a twist tie, this is commonly the culprit. Over there is an additional larger hole twords the bottom the is a with hole make certain this is also clean. Spray v carb cleaner to finish. Pinch the fuel line to begin to avoid fuel circulation into carb, there will certainly be part fuel in the float bowl so have actually something to record fuel.Dean
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