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Overlooking what is now Prescott Valley, Glassford Hill has actually witnesses plenty of changes since being formed by volcanic task many century ago, has been angry to plenty of changes. At one time, Mammoths roamed the valley floor. There is ample archeological proof to show that early on man moved right into the area virtually 3,000 year ago. Indigenous Americans cleared up villages approximately the year 1400 and left behind spear points and also other artifacts to note their presence.

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Though Spanish explorers passed with the vicinity in the so late 16th century, it to be not until the 1864 discovery of gold in the surrounding Bradshaw mountains that Prescott Valley began to really tempt attention from the outside world.

The U.S. Military established fort Whipple in adjacent Prescott and the U.S. Mounties used Glassford Hill as a heliograph site for signal mirrors to connect with other army units in a war against the Apaches. This was probably the most task Prescott sink saw until the at an early stage 1900s, once the Fain family homesteaded the area. Cattle then common the selection with antelope for decades…but a new town was on the way. In 1966, Prescott valley was founded.

By the beforehand 1970s, the population in the area, sometimes dubbed Lonesome Valley, had grown to 600 people. Prescott sink was integrated in 1978 v a population of 1,520. Today, Prescott Valley is one of the fastest-growing non-metropolitan towns in America. We now have more than 39,000 residents and also we continue to grow…but we space still proud to sell a friendly, small-town setting that renders us among the nation’s most desirable communities in which to live and also work.

location & transport

Located in Yavapai County, Prescott sink lies between the cities of Flagstaff and Phoenix. Residents discover traveling roughly town, and also the entire state that Arizona, to be convenient and easily accessible. U.S. Highway 89 and also State Highways 69 and 89A offer the town. In ~ close proximity to Interstates 17 and also 40, it is no wonder that a day’s drive have the right to take you come Tucson, ras Vegas and even Los Angeles.

DeWitt Bros. Trucking, federal Express, UPS and Yellow Freight Trucking service are obtainable to handle all her trucking and freight transport needs.

Our neighborhood shuttle services and taxis are alternate modes because that passenger transportation. Hourly shuttle company is easily accessible to take it passengers to skies Harbor airplane in Phoenix every day.

Nearby Prescott is home to Ernest A. Love Field. Acting together the city’s municipal airport, the facility ranks behind Phoenix’s skies Harbor global Airport as the second-busiest airplane in the state and 31st in the country. An excellent Lakes Airlines gives commuter service to Los Angeles global Airport. Love field is additionally home to the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Thought about one that the most highly-acclaimed universities of the kind approximately the globe, current renovations have actually garnered together many new students together it has praise from industry experts. Lockheed Martin’s Western region Flight business Center is additionally located in Prescott Valley.


Scenery theatre a major role in Prescott Valley’s travel appeal. The surrounding mountains gently circulation into roll hills, rendering a diverse landscape throughout the bordering areas. The soul of the Old West stays on in adjacent ranching communities and ghost towns, if 12th-century cliff dwellings and also pueblos quiet exist today.

Located phibìc of Prescott Valley, the cool Canyon nationwide Park includes 277 mile of the Colorado river and nearby uplands. One of the most spectacular instances of erosion anywhere in the world, cool Canyon is unequaled in the incomparable vistas it uses to visitors on the rim. Cool Canyon nationwide Park is a world Heritage Site and the cool Canyon is among the Seven natural Wonders the the World.

Prescott sink is central to a range of traveler destinations. In ~ driving distance, the areas of Sedona and also Oak Creek Canyon are renowned for day trips, as well as the mining ar of Jerome and the historical ft at Camp Verde. The Prescott-Yavapai Indian people operates a first-class resort, conference center and casino in nearby Prescott. The Highlands center for Natural background offers children and also adults a variety of ways to discover the outdoors. With the trained eye of educators and also naturalists, young and also old alike will certainly be awakened to the wonder that nature ~ above the 80-acre website nestled in the Prescott national Forest, close to Lynx Lake. Children's camps, family members events, adult classes and also summer concerts are just a component of all the goes on.

The neighborhood lakes and national forest areas are residence to a myriad of trail systems. Hiking and outdoor enthusiasts will be awestruck through the organic beauty the area needs to offer. The freshly opened Glassford Hill trail bring away hikers to the top of Glassford Hill v stunning views of the sink below.


Prescott sink is a growing ar of trusted people. High quality of lifestyle makes this a an excellent place because that both families and retirees alike. Yavapai County is just one of the nation’s 100 ideal Communities because that young people. The is a wonderful location with many opportunities for sports, hiking and also entertainment. The boasts an typical of 300 work of sunshine every year.

Prescott Valley continues to entice people, as this part of Arizona has some the the many affordable and also diverse living accommodations anywhere. Residences of every styles and periods, indigenous mid-19th century homes with white picket fences come half-million-dollar dwellings for the brand-new millennium, dot the horizon. Plenty of residents discover they deserve to take benefit of Prescott Valley’s small-town ambiance while also receiving a good value because that their real estate dollar.

Our mountainous, high-desert surroundings result in well-established areas with clean, quiet streets. Occurring neighborhoods tempt transferees, north nesters and new homeowners v their near proximity to schools, shopping and city parks. New condominiums and also apartment complexes are also being developed as commercial advancements are completed.

Phoenix may be the official state capital, however when it involves recreation, leisure-time activities and good old-fashioned fun, Prescott valley is the real funding of Arizona.

The city of Prescott Valley supplies a range of entertain facilities. Prescott Valley’s list of open space and recreation opportunities range from extremely developed, energetic recreation sites come passive open space. The town functions over 263 acres of arisen parklands, 166 acres of undeveloped parkland, 27 park sites, an outdoor public swimming pool, 27 multi-purpose strong fields, trails, two amphitheaters and two community/activity centers. Hill Valley Park, located at 8600 E. Nace Lane, is considered the town’s only local park. It offers multi-purpose athletic fields (some with lights and also a full-size synthetic field because that soccer and football), one award-winning amphitheater, a skate/bike park, one outdoor pool facility through a 100-foot slide and splash pad, over 2 miles of multi-use paths and also the the shade of some 400 trees. Because that a park that has actually something different, visit Fain Park in ~ 2200 N. Fifth Street. This park supplies fishing, long walking trails, picnic areas and also gold panning. Prevent by and relax a if in among the area’s most scenic locations.

On the suburbs of town space the towering pines of Prescott national Forest, whereby there are thousands that acres easily accessible for hiking, biking, backpacking, fishing and camping. Lynx Lake, Goldwater Lake and Watson Lake are just a few miles up the road, as are the rugged Mingus hills with their spectacular vistas.

In town, you deserve to participate in organized sports for both youth and also adults. These range from football to baseball, basketball to soccer, bowling come volleyball or hike along the many urban trails located within the town.

There is golf come be played on numerous public courses, a zoological sanctuary to visit in adjacent Prescott and, the course, the magnificence the the cool Canyon, i beg your pardon is only a two-hour journey to the north.

If that is not sufficient to keep you busy, you have the right to attend craft fairs, visit a historic site or museum, walk bowling, check your an abilities at miniature golf or skee-ball, rental a canoe, spend an afternoon shoot skeet…the list of Prescott Valley’s year-round recreational avenues and recreation activities is basically endless.

Prescott sink is rich in a range of social activities for all ages. The beautifully landscaped grounds in ~ the Prescott valley Civic facility create the setup for the “Art in ~ the Center” collection and many community and also town events. Additionally located top top the Civic center grounds is the Prescott Valley army Monument. This monument, along with its walk of Honor, stands the end to honor every who have served, serve and also will offer in our armed forces.

Fain Park is residence to a historic mining display, as well as ancient Native American ruins. In the modern-day town center, Harkins Theater, a 14-screen cineplex, anchors an to chat district, which contains restaurants, shops, a family fun center, and also a miniature golf course.

The Prescott sink Event center is residence to many concerts, family members shows and also community events.

Fifteen year ago, with aid from the Prescott sink Chamber that Commerce, the Prescott Valley art Guild was established. Arts and society are embraced and urged through this organization, which proactively promotes imagination and creativity native the community. Acclaimed artists and also teachers teach workshops and also classes v the Guild. Youth arts month, together with Family art Day, is commemorated in March.

Now in the 46th year, the Prescott facility for the arts (PCA) has been the biggest contributor come the community’s social and imaginative needs. They vigorously carry out entertainment, education and participation because that our town’s residents and showcase a complete season of ar theatre. The plenty of concerts, arts exhibits and also scholarship competitions supported and offered by the PCA end the years have actually proved the organization’s dedication come its craft. In addition, the 108-year-old Elks Theater and also Yavapai university Performing Arts facility showcases countless events, concerts and theatrical productions, which complement the art community. The Lonesome sink Theater provides family members entertainment featuring neighborhood talent of all ages.

Any means you examine it, Prescott valley is a community that trust in education. College student of every ages and also interests have methods to learn and improve themselves v a mix of public schools, charter schools and also private schools, every complimented by numerous colleges and universities.

Our publicly school system is outstanding, with 5 elementary schools, two middle schools and also a modern high school, which prides itself on its student achievement, athletic programs and also faculty. Neighborhood public institutions are component of the Humboldt Unified institution District, which has actually been well-known statewide because that its progressive governmental leadership.

Prescott Valley’s charter and also private schools additionally serve the community well. Their record of student success is certainly worthy of praise.

On standardized tests, Prescott sink students exceed state averages and also compare favorably with national averages for ACT and SAT scores. For students looking for courses in technical education, mountain Institute JTED offers many classes both top top campus and also in partnership through business.

As for greater education, the area’s colleges and also universities sell a wide selection of learning experiences…from vocational cultivate to progressed degrees in aerospace engineering.

Yavapai College, which uses associate’s degrees and also programs in much more than 75 areas of study, maintains one education facility in Prescott Valley. College student can likewise pursue bachelors and also master’s degrees locally in partnership with north Arizona University and Old dominion University. NAU-Yavapai, with a campus in Prescott Valley, offers 4 baccalaureate process of study, which deserve to be completed in three years.

Northcentral University, a leading worldwide online university, which provides accredited bachelors, masters and doctoral levels in business, an innovation management, education and also psychology, has its world headquarters in Prescott Valley.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, through residential campuses in Prescott and Florida, is a civilization leader in aviation and aerospace education. Prescott College, a private college for the examine of for free arts and also the environment, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are also business seminars accessible with classes the are simply for fun and also recreation.

Prescott valley is a leader in economic advancement in main Arizona. Brand-new industrial, retail and business hubs contribute to a farming job base. Lockheed young name Training Center, remarkable Industries and the expansion of the ACE Hardware retail Support facility are a couple of examples that Prescott Valley’s industrial expansion. The near proximity to the larger population center of the better Phoenix area allows for simple commute, yet gives the herbal relaxation and also opportunities because that recreation and also safe living that today’s household craves. Prescott Valley occupants cherish their rural lifestyle and scenic vistas, yet the town also hosts a selection of tiny businesses, i m sorry provide significant employment prospects and services come its citizens.

The town of Prescott Valley, together with the Humboldt Unified school District and Arizona department of Transportation, act together the major public employers. Serving together the significant businesses in the personal sector space Prescott Newspapers, Yavapai local Medical Center, M ns Windows and Doors, Printpack, Arizona publicly Service, Ace Retail support Center, Hensley Budweiser, superior Industries, mountain Valley regional Rehabilitation Hospital and also the Lockheed martin Training Center.

There space many avenues for business relocation and growth in the Prescott sink area. The town of Prescott Valley dwellings the Economic development Department, which functions to bring retail businesses to the community. The Prescott Valley economic Development structure provides solutions for businesses looking come relocate to Prescott Valley.

In both commerce and industry, foresight and also imagination space the driving forces behind progress. Brand-new twists come old procedures, amazing ideas and incredible appointment to dreams are responsible because that the diversity and also flexibility that store Prescott sink a notch over other marketplaces.

Shopping in Prescott sink is active, v a ar that recognizes the financial and personal benefits of shopping locally. The town supplies a variety of purchase options, and also its inviting main business district commands several square blocks in the love of the community. Prescott valley Crossroads and the Glassford Hill Marketplace to buy centers offer significant retail stores that match the many fine specialty shops in the area. One may discover home furnishings and accents, books, antiques and collectibles, as well as numerous eateries and also professional services. Over there is something for everyone here.

Located transparent the town room a wide range of fine restaurants and also convenient fast-food establishments. A medley of cook delights awaits; from zesty Mediterranean dishes and also exotic oriental creations come south-of-the-border specialties and down-home Midwest cooking. Whether you desire a fast bite on the run, a family dinner or a five-star dining experience, Prescott Valley has actually it all.

Prescott sink is fortunate to have superb community of medical care providers that offer the needs of our cultivation region. For advanced acute care services, our citizens look come Yavapai local Medical Center’s (YRMC’s) eastern Campus, a 50-bed hospital situated in the heart of Prescott Valley. The eastern Campus is part of the Yavapai local Medical Center, a private, not-for-profit health care provider and the biggest employer in Yavapai County. YRMC eastern provides a wide range of healing services that include 24-hour emergency care, inpatient and also outpatient surgical services, medical laboratory services, advanced wound care, cardiopulmonary care, inpatient and outpatient clinical imaging, and also much more.

The YRMC Women’s health Pavilion, located on the campus the YRMC East, features the family Birthing Center and also the BreastCare Center. The household Birthing Center, licensed together a Level II Continuing care Nursery, provides considerable prenatal and postnatal care and also extensive patient education. YRMC’s BreastCare facility features state-of-the-art diagnostic and also patient navigating services and has the just Breast MRI of its sort in Arizona…designed native the ground up to study breast tissue.

For operation care, the citizens of Prescott Valley are in an excellent hands, in fact, very good hands, together YRMC has actually 24/7 Emergency and also Level IV trauma. It has actually been well-known for having one that the safest surgical programs in the nation with surgical services in Cardiothoracic surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, chest Surgery and also General Surgery. The James family Heart center located ~ above the west campus brings gradual surgical care, cardia catherization and angiography laboratories, critical care and progressive care units to one main location for highly coordinated, extremely personalized cardiac care.

Complimenting YRMC’s extensive inpatient and also outpatient services is mountain Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, a 40-bed center specializing in a comprehensive selection of rehabilitation care that allows patients and also their family members to get treatment and service close to home. These facilities, together with Prescott sink Primary and Urgent care Clinic, a network of outstanding physicians and progressed clinical practitioners, fitness centers, and assisted living and also skilled education facilities administer our residents with the treatment they require with compassion and also dignity.

Fitness centers help Prescott Valley residents of all eras stay energetic and save fit.

Additionally, assisted living and also skilled nursing infrastructure are easily accessible for occupants with one-of-a-kind needs.

A mayor, 6 council members and also a city manager administrate the city of Prescott Valley, actively promoting and also preparing because that our city’s future. V those sentiments in mind, the council has actually played a major role in the city’s continual growth. Under the direction the this mayor and council, the town produced the popular and also successful Citizen’s Academy. This 10-week food educates ar members about the various departments in ~ the city government and their functions.

The Prescott valley Police department (PVPD) is right now staffed with 62 sworn personnel and also 16 civilian positions separated into two key divisions. The ar Services department consists of patrol, traffic, K9, pet control and also a special an answer team. The support Services department consists of criminal investigations, school resource and records. In addition, the chief’s governmental Section is composed of governmental support, training/background coordination and volunteers. PVPD additionally belongs to a regionalized dispatch facility housed in Prescott.

The department practices community-oriented policing and also participates in together programs as neighborhood Block Watch, service Watch, national Night Out, D.A.R.E., “Every 15 Minutes,” very first Responder smart Card, Watch your Car, Police Explorers and also Volunteers in Policing. The department also hosts a citizens Police Academy once a year, open to all members the the community.

The internationally-accredited central Arizona Fire and Medical offer the town of Prescott Valley. The fire ar is staffed by career professionals providing the adhering to main services: modern-day fire suppression techniques, advanced life support, hazardous materials, public education and fire safety inspections.

Population 39,667Founded 1966 (incorporated 1978)Elevation 5,100 ft.

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Prescott valley has many churches representing varied faiths and denominations. Members of the Prescott sink faith-based neighborhood work together. The soul of participation is no clouded by sectarian differences. There space over 30 church of different denominations.