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leafyyay 2 of my favourite artist here, wingnut and jane favourite track: Just because I Don't speak Anything (Doesn't mean I've gained Nothing come Say).
Jess remarkable work, really liked what girlfriend did v Just since I not Say Anything. I actually found around about pat and all his bands since of your covers on youtube. Her music and also all the stuff I've found since then has actually legit conserved me. Favorite track: Just since I Don't speak Anything (Doesn't median I've acquired Nothing to Say).
jmwbb my favourite album by Pat and you yes, really did the justice v these covers. Many thanks so lot for your job-related Favorite track: Urine speak Louder 보다 Words.
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With the blessing of pat Schneeweis, the drumming capability of Michael Schneeweis, some lovely background vocals native Frederieke Laura Mooij ( Lauravan), and also me act what I typically do, yelling end guitar, we carry you a work again, please again of Burn The Earth, leaving it Behind!This is a charity album, all revenue will certainly be going come BLM causes and Black trans funds. Below is a website where you can find funds come donate to directly linktr.ee/nationalresourceslist
exit July 21, 2020 Pat, thanks for what you've written, it's much more important now than ever before to some.Michael, you to be the only person my dog frank ever before leaped into the eight of, you're a good guy, store it increase buddy. Lauravan, you're an significant artist in everything i've checked out from you, thank you because that the wonderful backup.Julius, honey, friend shine like diamonds!Jesse and Lucian, thanks for keeping me sane while I worked on this, friend guys average the human being to me. Mom and Dad, ns love girlfriend guys, many thanks for being there because that me. My Community, my just wish is to assist make things much better for us, for the human being of color, because that trans kids, for gay kids, because that everyone. Crap CopsLove woman all rights reserved

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