This is the first day of my lifeSwear ns was born right in the doorwayI went out in the rain, suddenly everything changedThey"re spreading blankets on the beach< text from: >Yours was the first face that ns sawI think ns was blind before ns met youI don"t know where ns am, ns don"t know where I"ve beenBut ns know where i want to goSo ns thought I"d let you knowThat these things take forever, ns am especially slowBut ns realized how ns need youAnd ns wondered if ns could come homeI remember the time you drove all nightJust to meet me in the morningAnd ns thought it was strange, you said everything changedYou felt as if you just woke upAnd you said,"This is the first day of my life.Glad i didn"t die before i met you.Now i don"t care, i could go anywhere with you.And I"d probably be happy."So if you want to be with meWith these things there"s no telling,We"ll just have to wait and seeBut I"d rather be working for a paycheckThan waiting to win the lotteryBesides, maybe this time is differentI mean, ns really think you like me