Many the us have dogs and cats as family pets, and also since we bathe our dog much much more than cats, it’s organic to wonder if we can go ahead and use the dog shampoo on ours cats. The short answer is no, there’s a an excellent chance your dog shampoo will be harmful to her cat, however there space a few exceptions we can discuss.

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Join united state while we take an comprehensive look in ~ the dangers and safety precautions compelled for using dog shampoo on her cat.

Should ns Bathe my Cat?

The an initial question you may be questioning is if you should bathe her cat. We’re all familiar with the sight of ours cats regularly cleaning themselves nearly non-stop. Cats likewise hate water and can become quite aggressive around getting away from the while do the efforts to to wash them.

Image Credit: tookapic, PixabayThe best reason to frequently bathe your cat is to acquire them offered to the water in the occasion that they get into something that calls for a bath. If your cat has actually no experience acquiring wet and also they encounter a skunk or dangerous chemical you don’t desire them to ingest, you have the right to be in because that a real difficulty when you try to placed them in the water. Early and frequent socialization through bathwater deserve to make the process much less complicated for both you and also the cat.

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Why Dog Shampoo dangerous to mine Cat?

Here room a couple of reasons no to use dog shampoo on her cat.


The key thing you should worry about when using dog shampoo top top a cat is flea and tick medication. Your dog’s flea medicine is much various than cats, and it can be toxic to your pet. Dog flea medication has a chemical dubbed permethrin the is for sure for dogs but dangerous to use around cats. It’s for this reason dangerous that most vets recommend keeping the dog and cats different for a time after using the medicine to your dog to reduce the hazard of her cat acquiring too close.


The hair that makes up a cat’s coat is different than a dog in numerous ways, consisting of length, thickness, and pH. The pH that a cat shampoo is an ext acidic 보다 dogs v a pH of 6, if the dog shampoo is likely closer to 7.5. It could not sound favor a big difference, however it will have actually a huge impact top top the shine and softness of the coat, and it may also impact their capability to groom themselves.

Essential Oils

Dog shampoos have the right to contain necessary oils choose tea tree oil in concentration that deserve to be harmful to cats. While dog are also sensitive to vital oils, many products contain a little amount of tea tree oil because of that is antibacterial and antifungal properties. In little amounts, that can assist your dog recover from skin irritations and an insect bites, specifically from fleas. However, even an amount taken into consideration safe for dogs deserve to have serious after-effects for a cat, so girlfriend shouldn’t use it.


Tar is one more ingredient in plenty of dog shampoos for its therapeutic value. However, over there is no worth in tar for a cat, and applying it to their hair can take far their capability to groom themselves, leading to the cat to end up being dirty again quickly and also adding significant stress come the cat.

Image Credit: KDdesignphoto, Pixabay

Shampoo Alternatives

There are a couple of alternatives to a shampoo that you deserve to use in a tie that is far better for her cat’s health than dog shampoo and also will work good in an emergency. Before you use any product, make sure to check out the label and avoid using any kind of products the contain tea tree oil, glycerin, lavender, peppermint, and also jojoba.

Natural Soap

There are countless brands of organic soap that carry out not use any harmful fragrances or ingredients. Pure Casile fluid soap is a good option the isn’t also expensive, yet there are numerous other comparable soaps available also.

The fence to using natural soaps is that they can leave an unpleasant flavor on the fur that your cats don’t enjoy.

Dish Soap

You deserve to use numerous brands of food soap, if it no contain important oils. The most renowned brand to usage is Dawn, and it will certainly also aid rid her cat of any kind of fleas it can have choose up. The soap is generally gentle on the skin however effective for removing dirt, grime, and chemicals.

The downside to utilizing dish soap is the they are very effective at breaking up oils, causing dry, itchy skin if offered too often.

Image Credit: KDdesignphoto, Pixabay

Dog and also Cat Shampoo

Unless it’s severe emergency, the finest thing come use once bathing her cat is cat shampoo. There space dozens of brands available, every formulated come clean her cat safely. A cat shampoo will certainly leave your cat through a soft coat the smalls nice there is no irritating your skin or using harmful ingredients. Countless brands enable you to clean your cat there is no the require for water, which allows you come sidestep the most daunting part of bathing them.

Using Shampoo safely on your Pets

In current years, there has actually been a large increase of brand that claim they are suitable for dogs and cats and also may also be appropriate for rodents and also horses. When these assets are for sure for your cat and also don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals we have actually mentioned, it’s i can not qualify to work as well as a cat or dog shampoo due to the fact that of pH and other factors unique to the coat of each animal.

We recommend only using dog and also cat shampoo if you have a large number the animals, and also the expense of purchasing separate varieties is cost-prohibitive, or you space unable to uncover a brand in your neighborhood store.


You need to avoid using dog shampoo on your cat, mainly due to the fact that it may contain harmful flea medication or essential oils. If you recognize the shampoo no contain those ingredients, you deserve to probably get away through using that once, yet it will likely dry out your pet’s skin because of the pH difference. You space much far better off going with a shampoo for cats, or at least one that specifically claims it’s for cats and dogs to store your cats coat clean and also soft without damaging or irritating the skin.

We hope you have took pleasure in reading end our discussion about the proper type of shampoo to use on her cat. If you have learned something new and think it can help others, please share this guide to what you have to know around using dog shampoo top top a cat on Facebook and also Twitter.

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