dc_listings<"price">.str.replace(",", "")AttributeError: have the right to only usage .str accessor with string values, which usage np.object_ dtype in pandasHere space the top 5 rows of my price column.


This ridge overflow thread recommends to inspect if my column has NAN values however non the the values in my column are NAN.


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As the error states, you deserve to only use .str v string columns, and also you have actually a float64. There won"t be any type of commas in a float, for this reason what you have actually won"t really do anything, however in general, you could actors it first:

dc_listings<"price">.astype(str).str.replace...For example:


Two ways:

You can use series to deal with this error.

dc_listings<"price">.series.str.replace(",", "")And if series doesn"t work you can additionally alteratively usage apply(str) as shown below:

dc_listings<"price">.apply(str).str.replace(",", "")



If price is a dtype to rise 64 climate the data is not a string.You can shot dc_listings<"price">.apply(function)


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