Extra gum, the renowned gum brand, freshly released one advertisement related to as touching and beautiful for countless students and parents.

Every when in awhile, an advertisement blows us away. This time, that as simple as a love story in a gum commercial.

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Another desperately supported product or a good idea? Shaker students decide.

At an initial it appears as though it is yet an additional cheesy, failed effort to manipulate viewers’ emotions in bespeak to persuade them to buy a product.

The commercial is composed of small, ordinary and also sweet glimpses into the connection of 2 high school sweethearts. Add Haley Reinhart’s gentle cover the “Can’t assist Falling in Love,” and most viewers space captivated. The young man collects gum wrappers native all your dates and also draws the case on each, to usage them in his proposal to her.

“I feel prefer it’s an extremely relatable,” freshman Audrey Himes said. “Not fall in love over gum, however the principle of conference someone end something therefore simple, and also that arising into a love relationship.”

Although the seemingly perfect love story is unrealistic, it connects to viewers. Many students think that even the love story’s improbability no take away from the an effective message.

“It’s extravagant, however I think it is why for this reason many world love it since they desire this to occur to them. Ns think it’s motivating to people,” student in the first year Hannah Roth added.

Freshman Eliana Sosin said, “People falling in love in real life can maybe not happen exactly like that, but that the idea that giving could lead come something happy is absolutely a real possibility.”

“I think that a really cute commercial since it’s prefer a romantic movie that we all watch and also cry about,” freshman Caroline Wollman said. “The entirety thing just makes you feel good and sad at the exact same time.”

The advertising strategy is simple – the intimacy resonates v the viewer, and also in the finish human nature associate the gum with the story line and the audience automatically thinks, ‘I want Extra gum for this reason I can have that kind of relationship.’ Roth defined her early stage reaction come the commercial. “It made me want some Extra gum, and it made me tear a tiny bit. Ns loved it. I’m going to clock it every job of my life.”

“If I had the choice, I’d buy Extra gum due to the fact that they obviously placed a many work right into their commercials, for this reason they need to put a lot right into their product.” Wollman said.

“I also think that,the truth that the wasn’t simply a love story, but a love story that incorporates the gum,” Himes said.

Students no the just ones reaction to this advertisement. Also Ellen DeGeneres tweeted she response, “Amazing. All this time, I’ve been wasting my wrappers ~ above chewed gum.”

“Commercials are there to be aesthetically pleasing and also to record people’s eyes, and also it’s anywhere Twitter so i think they’ve really done a great job in making use of this means of advertising,” Wollman said.

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Extra gum captured all the facets of a great romantic comedy and condensed them right into a 2 minute video. The aimed at teenagers -as many of technology, food, and clothing advertisements room – who themselves are falling in love because that the very first time, and also in seeing this gum commercial will believe in the strength of love.

“Instead of pointless phrases and also slogans that room going ~ above right currently in the advertising world,” claimed Himes, “I think they should tell a story to attach with the viewers.”