“Can You host Me” is the last song native the album Mansion where both NF and also featured-vocalist Britt Nicole transparently display their need for comfort and wholeness. In a way… review More 

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It feels prefer a tear in mine heartLike a part of me missingAnd I simply can't feeling itI've tried and I've triedAnd I've triedTears top top my challenge I can't take it itIf lonely is a taste climate it's all that I'm tastingDo girlfriend hear my cry?I cry, ohCan you host me?Can you host me?Can you host me in her arms?Just wrap me in your arms, in her armsI don't wanna be nowhere elseTake me from the dark, native the darkI ain't gonna do it myselfPut her arms around mePut her arms approximately meLet her love surround meI am lostI am lost

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If ns ain't obtained you hereIf ns ain't got you, i ain't acquired nothing at allCan you hold me?Can you organize me?Can you organize me in your arms?In your armsYeah, yeahYeah, i feel like it's just me, prefer it's simply meWhat that gon' take? What it gon' be?I don't even know(It's not simply you)But I'm lonelyFeeling favor I don't also know me, i don't also know me(I feel it too)Gotta have actually you, gotta check out you(You're the only thing I need to think aboutThe only one ns that can't live without)I watch you(I need you, need you to hold me now)
If i ain't got youIf i ain't acquired youI ain't gained nothingI ain't obtained nothingIf i ain't obtained youI ain't acquired youIf ns ain't got youI'm lonelyIf ns ain't v you I'm lonelyI'm lonelyI require youI need youCan you host me?Can you organize me?Can you organize me in her arms?
Can you hold me?Can you organize me?Can you host me in her arms?

Feel like it's simply me, favor it's just meWhat it gon' take? What the gon' be?I don't also know, i don't even knowBut I'm lonely, lonelyFeel choose I don't also know meFeels favor I don't even know meI don't also know meCan you host me?Can you hold me?Can you hold me in your arms?