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April 26, 2021

Q. ns bought a white gold wedding ring when I obtained married over 10 year ago. Ns would currently prefer a yellow coloured ring. The white gold looks quite grey now. Is it possible to have the plating stripped to make a white gold ring right into a gold gold ring? Or can I have actually it plated in gold?

Rachel walker - London, England^
April 2021A. hello Rachel. Regrettably there is i can not qualify to be a satisfactory solution. The truth that your ring is tho gray/white 10 years later method it"s make of white gold through and also through. Although it is possible to plate yellow gold onto white gold or evil versa, the plating is really thin and also non-durable. It can work for a broach the you stay a pair of time a year and don"t touch much, however for a high-wear item favor a ring, the lifetime would it is in weeks if not days. Sorry.Luck & Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E. RETStriving come live Alohasommos.net - jaw Beach, new Jersey^

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2005Q. several months ago I ended up being slightly over-enthusiastic around 18k gold and also purchased a beautiful 38 gr necklace and also 26 gr equivalent bracelet in white yellow from one ebay seller. I obtained an exceptionally an excellent deal but had never purchased white gold before and also in truth... I hate it. I love the necklace and also bracelet style yet absolutely could not purchased the acquisition of another collection of the very same caliber in yellow gold. I simply saw an auction wherein the seller is telling his buyers the white gold "can quickly be readjust back come yellow yellow if you like that." Is this TRUE? It definitely sounds wonderful yet simply sounds too good to be true. Can you enlighten me?Thank you.Wendy jewelry enthusiast - Townsend, Delaware, USA^
2005A. White gold cannot it is in simply changed to yellow gold.Good luck!Goran Budija- Zagreb, Croatia^2005A. What makes the yellow white in the very first place is that the yellow (which IS a yellow color) is blended with other metals that provide the white appearance. However, the "white" gold isn"t the excellent white that world have gained used to seeing, so the is frequently coated v Rhodium to brighten it. If someone was trying to make a yellow gold item look choose white gold, they might just coat it v Rhodium - as long as the Rhodium to be thick sufficient to no wear off instantly the piece would look like any other Rhodium coated white yellow piece. This may be what was done v the piece that came through the claim that they could be "turned back into yellow gold".Actual white yellow though can"t it is in turned ago into yellow yellow without removing the other steels that made that white in the very first place - and although I"ve never ever done any kind of gold purification, ns presume that this includes melting it.So, deserve to you rotate your white gold earlier into yellow yellow - No, sorry.However, that isn"t really the end of the story. You could (depending on your budget and the piece) try to find a plater the does yellow plating that could PLATE yellow gold onto the white yellow piece. In effect, this would certainly be the exact opposite of what ns described above - it would certainly make a white gold item look favor a yellow yellow piece. The would likewise have the same difficulties - the yellow yellow would eventually wear off and also need replating, just the exact same as Rhodium does; a huge amount of the headache this would reason could be removed by obtaining a thicker gold plating, but the expense would go up v that as well.If friend are identified to have actually the piece in yellow gold quite than white, and if you in ~ least have some reasonable budget plan to accomplish this v (but considerably less 보다 the replacement expense of the piece), I would certainly look with the job shop listings here on sommos.net (go come the key page) and shot to uncover a plater that does yellow plating. Then, define to them precisely what you space looking to execute (make a white gold item look choose yellow gold v plating) and ask lock what lock think: be forewarned, I"ve never ever actually HEARD of who doing this, I have no idea what complications there space or what the price would it is in or if the is even feasible - however they would certainly be the persons that can tell you every one of that.I highly recommend in search of a trustworthy plater and also asking castle the inquiries rather than going come your neighborhood jeweler and also asking your opinion - girlfriend will typically get a much more informative and also knowledgeable answer native the plater.Good luck!Jim GorsichAccurate Anodizing Inc.
Compton, California, USA
^2005A. Pertaining come the question of have the right to white yellow be turned earlier to yellow gold. The human being that last responded to this concern knows what the is talking around but his final conclusion is a little off. White gold can be adjusted back to yellow gold however he is absolutely right it is not a simple process. To change it earlier he was appropriate in saying that the gold has to be melted. However he was not in saying that the metal that give yellow gold it white illustration can"t it is in eradicated. It have the right to it would need to go v the procedure of refining the yellow the white alloy have the right to be included and it can be taken away. This process is no the cheapest of procedure so if you to be doing it on a tiny scale it would certainly not be precious it. Yet the human being you experienced on ebay much more than likely has sufficient traffic to make it worth his if or that may simply specially do the item in yellow gold. I think that touches on whatever I had to say ns hope it helps.Jonathan David Young- Bowie, Maryland, joined States^

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I want to give thanks to the folks that posted a follow up price to my question concerning the white gold. The explanations assisted IMMENSELY. Ns would never ever plate my collection though. I"m not an idiot. ;-) I made decision to keep the WG set due come its value. Because learning my lesson, I said the heck with it, & picked up more 18k than I deserve to publicly admit. Lol Merci beaucoup! - WendyWendy (returning)- Townsend, Delaware, USA^January 26, 2011There room some residence plating kits that do a pretty job.Check top top ebay or top top the network 24k gold plating kit; comes with cleaner, gold equipment for around 30 dollars

Ron Adam- Florida, unified States^
May 21, 2012

Q. have the right to anyone call me what type of link this is? It"s 14k white gold I just do not understand the connect --


Kevin Montone- Jersey city brand-new Jersey USA ^
October 7, 2014

A. that is referred to as a byzantine link.

Julie ParisiJulie Parisi art - PHOENIX, Arizona, USA^
December 17, 2016

Q. have the right to a plating be professionally removed? If op"s white yellow jewelry is yes, really rhodium-plated yellow gold (assuming the is basic to determine), can she just gain the rhodium bring away off?

Peggy Lawlor- Edmonton, Canada^
December 2016A. hi Peggy. A plating can be gotten rid of if over there is a great chemical or electrochemical therapy which can dissolve the plating there is no attacking the substrate. Back this allows most platings come be gotten rid of from most substrates, gold and also rhodium room so inert and comparable that the rhodium plating cannot be removed from gold this way. Sometimes there is a layer of nickel plating between the gold and rhodium, and also some people have reported success in this case because they dissolve the nickel, for this reason the rhodium the was attached come it drops off.Jewelers may likewise be able to abrade the rhodium off with polishing sticks if the form is simple enough.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E. RETStriving to live Alohasommos.net - pine Beach, brand-new Jersey^
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