When one error wake up in print such together the an equipment is the end of file or file is jammed, a troubleshooting article is displayed automatically. Take it the appropriate action described in the message.

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When one error occurs, the alarm lamp flicker orange and a support Code (error number) is shown on the computer system screen. For some errors, the ~ above lamp and also the alarm lamp flashes alternately. Check the standing of the lamps and the message, climate take the appropriate action to resolve the error.


(A) Flashes

(B) goes off

Number of flashes


Support Code

2 flashes

The device is out of paper, or document does not feed.


The record size in the publish settings and the dimension of the loaded document do not match.

2100, 2101

3 flashes

The file output tray is closed.


Paper is jammed in the file output slot.


Paper is jammed within the machine at the carry unit.


Paper is jammed once performing automatically duplex printing.


4 flashes

The good cartridge is not installed properly.


5 flashes

The well cartridge is not installed.


Appropriate fine cartridge is no installed.

1403, 1485

6 flashes

The document output sheathe is open.


7 flashes

The well cartridge is not mounted in the exactly position.

1486, 1487

8 flashes

The ink absorber is virtually full.

1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 1712, 1713, 1714, 1715

9 flashes

The protective material for the fine Cartridge holder or the tape might remain attached to the holder.


10 flashes

Loaded file is not compatible v automatic duplex printing.


11 flashes

Cannot carry out automatic duplex printing with the current file size setting.


12 flashes

You cannot publish the materials on an imaginative PARK PREMIUM.


13 flashes

The octopus may have run out.


14 flashes

The ink cartridge cannot be recognized.


15 flashes

The good cartridge can not be recognized.


16 flashes

The ink has actually run out.


21 flashes

The device cannot finding the paper size.


22 flashes

The device has detected the the record has to be fed aligned come one side.


Support Code matching to the variety of Alternate flashes of the on Lamp and also the alert Lamp

Example of 2 times flashing:


(A) Flashes

(B) walk off

Number the flashes


Support Code

2 flashes

Printer error has occurred.


7 flashes

Printer error has actually occurred.

5B02, 5B03, 5B04, 5B05, 5B12, 5B13, 5B14, 5B15

10 flashes

An error requiring you to contact the business center has actually occurred.


Other situations than above

Printer error has actually occurred.

5011, 5012, 5200, 5400, 6000, 6500, 6800, 6801, 6900, 6901, 6902, 6910, 6911, 6930, 6931, 6932, 6933, 6936, 6937, 6938, 6940, 6941, 6942, 6943, 6944, 6945, 6946

When a assistance Code and a article are presented on the computer system screen:


* The screen differs depending upon the OS you room using.

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For details on how to resolve errors without support Codes, watch A article Is Displayed.